Fitness Factor Revives the Old Schoolyard Ball

The Old Schoolyard Ball Just Got More Stylish, Durable and Fun for Kids & Adults

“Fitness Factor has re-vamped the old schoolyard ball to make it more stylish, more durable, and more fun–for both kids and adults.”

Jackson, WY — Fitness Factor USA has launched an all new version of the old schoolyard ball. The new playground ball is fit for people from all age groups and is available on Amazon. The Kickball is 10 inches in diameter and is available on Amazon with a free air pump. The playground ball is an innovative multi-purpose ball that can be used as a dodgeball, kickball, handball and WAKA ball both indoors and outdoors.

“With duality and durability, our playground ball is made with the strongest, most durable materials available and constructed to the most rigorous standards. It is built for intense use and built to last,” says the Amazon page of this amazing ball. The ball is totally risk free and can be a perfect tool to have more fun in the outdoor activities during the holiday season.

User reviews about the ball have been phenomenal and the ball is designed with the three core objectives of Fitness Factor USA in mind. These objectives are strength, comfort and trust. The design team at Fitness Factor USA ensures that users get the maximum benefit out of each product. The ball is an extraordinary achievement by the team at Fitness Factor to make sure that in playground and indoors, players from all ages can have the maximum amount of fun.

Currently, the ball is available with a special Christmas discount on Amazon. The 60% discount includes free shipping and a free air pump. User reviews and testimonials on Amazon page of the ball reflect the rate of success the ball has achieved within no time. Players across America can place their orders now for a free delivery before Christmas with a striking 60% discount.

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