IRONMAN Fitness Comes with New Weight Benches for New Year

USA—Exciting news for fitness fans: IRONMAN has just come out with a new Triathlon X-Class Olympic workout bench to get you pumped about fitness for the new year! The Fitness Folder is one of the best weight bench review sites, claiming that this 2017 piece of machinery is best for its versatility, price and warranty.

Choosing the best weight bench can be a complicated process, whether you’re a novice or a pro. Many buyers neglect to consider the most important features to look out for when choosing a weight bench: budget, mobility, size, safety and positions. In the same way that a fitness trainer is crucial for training for high-level fitness competitions, such as triathlons, and necessary for novices who want to safely and knowledgeably work their way to fitness, a guide is helpful for choosing not just the right workouts, but the right workout equipment.

The Fitness Folder provides extensive knowledge and product comparisons of workout benches in the Best Weight Bench Reviews—Buyer’s Guide. The reviews cover the criteria for choosing the best weight bench as outlined above—budget, mobility, size, safety and positions—in addition to making suggestions for buyers of different goals and skill levels. The product comparison looks at a range of workout benches to assess their key features, including load capacity, adjustability levels, body framework, and warranty. Check out the guide now to see the top four picks for 2017.

The IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class Olympic Weight Bench is the top pick for the new year. With a preacher curl and leg developer attachment, this workout bench is top of the line for anybody who is serious about triathlon preparation at home. The steel framework admittedly makes this weight bench heavy, which limits portability, but it is also the reason the IRONMAN has such proven durability. The versatility is also hard to beat, with nine levels of adjustability, the preacher curl for training the biceps, and a leg developer attachment. For all the features that it comes packed with, the IRONMAN is also surprisingly affordable at under $1000. Most workout bench buyers can expect to shell out at least a grand if not more, and the fact that the IRONMAN comes with a lifetime warranty makes this steel beast a strong investment for your fitness regimen.

Buyers considering workout benches want to know that they are getting reliable and quality equipment for their money. The Fitness Folder provides a review of the best weight benches on the market to help fitness fans make the right decision, both for their fitness goals and their wallets, so that you can make 2017 the year of fitness.

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