TravGanic Enables Environmentally Conscious Travelers to Find Green Hotels and Tours

Environmentalism shouldn’t have to cease when you leave your home.  You should be able to find businesses that share your love for the planet wherever you go—even if it is to the other side of the world.  A new service called TravGanic allows you to quickly and easily find eco-friendly hotels, transportation and tours around the globe, so that you can minimize your environmental footprint even when you are on vacation.

TravGanic is being developed by Alice Ford, a longtime nature lover and globetrotter who has experienced firsthand how hotels and tourism groups can provide a wonderful travel experience while remaining good to the planet. Ford is currently creating a website and booking service that lists organizations around the world that make environmentalism a priority. TravGanic already has a listing of 4,000 hotels and is rapidly compiling info on other green organizations. Soon TravGanic will be the most comprehensive list of eco-friendly travel organizations in the world.

Ford and the TravGanic team are working hard to make their dream a reality, and they are asking you to help them.  If you contribute to their Indiegogo campaign, you will not only be helping them create a valuable service for environmentally conscious travelers, but you will be helping create a sustainable market for green tourism that supports indigenous cultures, endangered species and diminishing ecosystems. In return for your generous support for this worthy project, you can receive a TravGanic T-shirt.  To learn more about TravGanic or to make a donation, please visit

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