POS on the Go: Latest Mobile Cloud-based POS system Changing Singaporean Market

Singapore— POS on the Go is revolutionizing the way retailers and businesses in Singapore handle transactions, thanks to their groundbreaking Cloud-based POS system. Offering a service that rivals all popular sale solutions, POS on the Go is taking the Singaporean market by storm with their mobile POS system.

Of the many reasons people are opting for POS on-the-Go, one of the first sale points that seems to win people over is how they’ve designed and created their product. This unique Singapore POS has LCD touchscreen capabilities, is low-weight, and has a battery that can last up to two days. Retailers will have peace of mind knowing that their mobile POS is always going to perform. Their sales solutions also has an integrated scanning and receipt printing mechanism, unlike their biggest competitor, the iPad. Businesses and retailers no longer have to depend on Bluetooth technology to facilitate thesale transactionswith their customers on their devices, ultimately eliminating the hassle of processing transactions.

What differentiates POS Singapore from their competitors, is their commitment to its Cloud-based technology. The hardware of POS on-the-Go has been designed to send all transactions to their Cloud system, allowing users to easily manage multiple stores and depend on easy access to important files. Streamlining the process for users, their technology allows business managers to depend on their system to draft daily, or even monthly, accounts, like inventory management reports or CRM reports.

All their reports are user-friendly, and can be drafted to a PDF that can be emailed, WhatsApp-ed, or printed. Furthermore, clients are not required to have access to a computer to facilitate the drafting of reports from the Cloud, as all device types that have a web-browser are able to access their information. To maintain optimal security, a private subdomain is granted to the retailer that is password protected, encrypted and secure, making their system optimized for every possible user.

By pairing their enhanced hardware features with their advanced Cloud-technology, POS on-the-Go is truly changing the game. Their business was established to solve the frustrations one of the co-founders had from existing ill-operating POS systems he was using for his own retail stores. “We realised soon enough the need for mobility in the current technology intensive business space that we are in.” With their integrated solutions and willingness to challenge the standards of society, their success in Singapore should be of no surprise to anyone.

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