New App Epilocue T-Bell Blocks Embarrassing Toilet Noise With Cool Sounds

New unique app Epilocue T-Bell promises to skirt up embarrassing toilet noises while in public restroom with 7 real cool sounds. It’s available for free for both Android and iPhone users.

Torrance, CA, December 22, 2016: Public restrooms are no doubt handy to cool off while on the go yet it’s the unavoidable toilet sounds that make the entire experience real embarrassing. But not anymore, a futuristic app Epilocue T-Bell has just been launched to save you from all such awkwardness through its cool fun sounds that will effectively mask the unwanted toilet noise with just a tap on the phone.

The app is available for free for both Android and iOS users.


“We are always tad conscious while using the public restrooms given the awkward toilet noises. Neither you can avoid the nature’s call while on move nor these weird noises- so, we wondered why not mask these noises? And thus, here we are with our unique Epilocue T-Bell app that will skirt all those embarrassing toilet noises so that you can cool yourself peacefully in a public washroom. We have designed our app with some real fun sounds that will override those toilet noises to make the whole affair stress-free for you. Our app is all about enhancing your privacy and comfort in the public place” smiled Joseph Cho, the man behind Epilocue.

Based in Southern California, Epilocue is a name of high repute across the online beauty product development and retail scene. The company is committed to innovative beauty solutions with certified organic and natural ingredients. Cho’s team also develops bathroom hygiene solutions. Epilocue T-Bell app is its latest release which has been developed inspired by Toilet Etiquette Bell from Asian Country.

T-bell is bustling with 7 cool sounds designed to create a whole new environment for the surrounds when the user is using a public restroom.

“We have got some really interesting sounds that would successfully mask the toilet noise. All of them are high intensity sounds and hence you can be assured of an effective result.”

The different sounds that make the T-bell include- earthquake, water flush, waterfall, jet flight, jet interior, thunder and hair dryer.



“T-bell is a good way to get playful and chill in the hustle bustle of everyday life. Enter the restroom, start any sound on T-bell, say ‘thunder’ and leave people around completely bewildered about the whole thing while you enjoy all the fun from inside. Isn’t that cool? You bet it is!”

Speaking further, Cho stressed that Epilocue is all about lessening discomfort & displeasure in life- be it through its latest toilet sound mask app or through its innovative beauty solutions. The company has got a wide range of beauty & personal care goodies crafted from high-performance formulas & luxe ingredients but devoid of all unnecessary chemicals. All the products are designed to bring out the inner natural existing beauty in women. Epilocue also extends scientific 2 waybrush, toilet seat sanitizer and toilet perfume.

To download Epilocue T-bell, visit Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore.

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