Reach the Masses by Marketing to Minorities

St. Petersburg, FL- December 20, 2016- The holidays are upon us, heralding in the new year. For business owners, this means developing business plans and marketing budgets to help you capture the greatest possible market share. However, many industries are neglecting one of the top growing market segments. 

The hispanic population in the US is growing every day, and those individuals account for $1.7 TRILLION in buying power. If you aren’t currently marketing to this group, this could represent a huge opportunity for growth for your business in the new year. 

Florida Business Coach Manuel Solis, an award-winning subject matter expert on Multicultural Marketing, encourages all businesses to find a way to adapt a global brand strategy to penetrate the often neglected minority markets. “The US hispanic population is online, connected, and looking for brands that speak to them,” Solis explains. “By having a targeted approach that caters to the hispanic market, you can position your business to capture a greater portion of this currently underserved segment.” 

Simply translating existing, English-language ads is not enough. There are many different nationalities that fall under the Hispanic umbrella, and these groups have traditions, beliefs, and heritages specific to their culture. Understanding and speaking to these differences is crucial. 

“To win in the hispanic market, your ads need to be targeted to their specific needs and desires. There is quite a bit more to the hispanic population than that they speak Spanish. In fact, the majority of hispanics in the US would be considered millennials, and are predominantly bilingual. It’s not about language, it is about culture,” Solis explains. “Cultural knowledge is essential to crafting compelling ads that lead to sales dollars.” 

If you don’t currently have someone on your team who is a multicultural marketing expert, then either make the hire or find a consultant to assist you. A business coach like Mr. Solis, who is recognized as a top multicultural marketing specialist, can help you develop in-depth marketing plans to reach the Hispanic community, guide you with decision making, and assist with your other business development and personal goals.

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