Dino, the 86-year-old who feeds 250 homeless and poor people for free every day

ROME, ITALY – 12/22/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Dino Impagliazzo, an 86-year-old retired company director, feeds more than 250 people per day for free thanks to unsold or almost expired food products, which he receives for free from stores, supermarkets, or large-scale distributors. An act of charity for the needy and an incentive for people and businesses not to waste food.

For more than ten years, starting from a casual cup of coffee offered to a homeless man, Dino Impagliazzo, 86, has been feeding more than 250 homeless people per day, involving more than 350 volunteers in his non-profit project serving 27,000 meals per year. In Rome, Italy, Dino is known as “the chef of the poor”.

Near a railway station, a poor man asked Dino for a cup of coffee and Dino understood intuitively that besides coffee, this person needed food and a relationship. In Dino’s own words: “I thought that it was Sunday, the day of our Lord, so how could I ignore this person, who ultimately is my brother?”.

Mr. Impagliazzo found out that the soup kitchen didn’t bring food to the railway station every day. Then Dino called his friends and neighbors, and word of mouth reached common acquaintances with the aim of helping out. His wife Fernanda is Dino’s first helper, and then everyone starts passing out sandwiches, and after that hot meals will be provided, with respect for each person’s religion and preference. Half of the poor people are Italians, with the other half coming from other countries.

Starting with a few friends, hundreds of people gathered. Still moved, Dino Impagliazzo tells us the story: “Back then I used to buy lots of sandwich bread in order to fill it for these homeless friends of ours, and the store owner, seeing me buying this amount of bread, asked me who it was for. I replied that the sandwiches were for some homeless people living near the Tuscolana station who we fed. From that moment, the shopkeeper offered us free bread for the poor people and since then he’s been working closely with us”.

Small miracles happen every day, but they come from divine providence,” Dino states candidly.

Nowadays, 350 volunteers help Dino every day with gathering food from shopping centers, the logistics, preparation, and delivery of food. Dino is the president of the RomAmor Non-profit Association. Dino is a bit of a father to everyone. Dino has also succeeded in building a network of assistance for the poor and homeless, a medical service, instruction, and housing to host people who find themselves temporarily without a home.

For more than ten years, the RomAmor Non-profit Association takes care of feeding the homeless of Rome near the Tuscolana and Ostiense railway stations in Rome, Italy, thanks to its founder, Dino Impagliazzo, and 350 valuable volunteers. http://www.romamor-onlus.com/

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