MoojiBox launches emoji pillow gift box for every occasion

Customers can select different emoji expressions for birthday, get well soon, romance, etc.

MoojiBox recently announced the launch of their new product, emoji pillow gift box, suitable for all occasions. The company currently offers emoji pillows for birthdays, congratulations, love and romance, get well soon and more. Each ocassion contains characters customers can choose from, including wink, blowing kiss, heart eyes, crying, sick, tears of joy and so on. Customers can also include a bag of candy e.g. M&M peanuts, lollipop, Snickers, etc and a personalized message. Anyone can order for MoojiBox through the official website at

“The idea for MoojiBox came from the necessity to create a new concept of gift-giving that will go in line with modern pop culture. We wanted to create something unique and touching, to help people express their deep feelings to loved ones and friends. Everyone loves the virtual emojis, and now they can have it in a physical form, available on our platform,” said a company representative.

Purchasing a MoojiBox is very easy. Visit the website, click on the preferred occasion, e.g., happy birthday; select from a collection of emoji pillows, e.g., blowing kiss, nerd; add candy and personal message and then add to cart.

“I love MoojiBox because it presents something new and exciting. I sent a MoojiBox to my girlfriend on her birthday, and she hasn’t stopped talking about it. It’s nice to have people coming up with new ways for the world to connect, build relationships and express their feelings,” said Andrew P, a customer.

MoojiBox offers domestic shipping including USPS 2 – 3 day and USPS next day, whichever the customer prefers. They do not offer international shipping at this moment.

About Mooji Box
MoojiBox is a company run by a team of geeks, who are committed to creating amazing new products. Putting emoji in a box is a novel concept they hope will be relevant to this new generation of tech-savvy consumers. For more information, please contact

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