Wedding Reception Under Feminist Attack Over Movie Screening

When popular wedding reception Ultima Function Centre accepted a private movie screening of controversial documentary ‘The Red Pill Movie’ they did not expect the violent backlash that followed.

The controversial documentary being screened Boxing Day, a film about men’s rights, has been previously been shut down in Melbourne by Feminist groups who are adamant about shutting the movie down globally. 

The film revolves around Cassie Jaye, a feminist filmmaker who set on documenting the mysterious world of the Men’s Rights Movement. Cassie Jaye has only heard of the Men’s Rights Movement to be a misogynist group bent on turning back the time on women’s rights.

But as she spends the year with the leaders and members of the movement documenting them, she began to question her beliefs seeing that men are also disadvantaged and discriminated in so many ways. The Red Pill is a challenging movie, one that aims to draw the veil and dares people to not only question the society’s norms but their own beliefs.

Due to the backlashed received on social media, the function centre has been forced to hire security to be present at the movie screening.

“I’m dreaming about keying every inch of paint off your car” said Bailey Captain Lenart who was amongst the group who have been threatening the Function Centre and its staff.

Another feminist activist Lizzie Johnsen made a public announcement against the Function Centre leading to a mass assault by leaving false reviews online causing their star rating to drop to a mere 1.2 at one stage in an effort to scare the venue to cancel the screening.

Website, the alleged organizers of the screening claim they are in no way affiliated with any Men’s Rights groups and are simply advocates of free speech.

The film’s Melbourne screening is on Boxing Day, December 26 2016


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