Here’s a chance for everyone to travel the world while working remotely

The remote life is the new program that has been launched to fulfil every travel enthusiast’s dream, to travel the world without breaking their banks. The programinvites professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers to work and travel together while they get stay in private rooms, desk space and travel tickets all taken care of under the program. Soon after a few days of the launch of program, it has received 750+ applications from people around the world. The program doesn’t claim to provide the remote jobs but certainly helps the travellers in transition from one country to another.

Under the program, 30 participants will cover 3 countries over 3 months. It is an opportunity for thousands of people who love to travel but unable to do so because they can’t leave their work. The aim is to bring together a group of likeminded people who travel and explore the world while working. All the participants are required to have their own job while the program will certainly help them in providing the resources for getting their employer on board.

The selected participants will have access to a local office space near their apartment, equipped with working desk, Wi-Fiand 24*7 access. The program will take care of the bookings in hotel, flights and transportation between the countries as per the itinerary. It includes economy class travel, airport transfers, insurance, visa and a local sim card. The countries covered in the program are Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand in the months of March, April and May 2017 respectively. The candidates will get a pre booked private bedroom upon arrival and also live in fully furnished apartments with Wi-Fi and not in dormitory or hostels. They can also opt for shared rooms if they want to.

The remote life program is a once in a lifetime chance to experience travelling and meeting new people. In every country they’ll have a month to go and explore the places, meet new people, gain experiences, be a part of cultural events, have group dinners and excursions. The interested candidates can choose from two plans and send their application accordingly. The month to month program includes housing, office space, events, insurance, sim and a local ambassador while the flights are on the candidate. This program costs $1200/month and the other all inclusive plan is for 3 months which is for $1500/month which includes all of the above and the flights. More information is available on the official website of the remote life program.

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