Iwithwe stars a fundraiser to help charity organizations in Middle east and India

Iwithwe.com is an online website and organization that raises funds to help other charity organisations in Qatar, UAE, KSA and India which further help the other local community NGO’s. They have recently started a fundraiser on their website for the same cause, with a goal of raising $30,000 and call out to the people for supporting the project.

The website allows the partnering charity organizations to upload their causes and all the collection made through the website is transferred to them after deducting a nominal fee of 5% for the online transactions. The website only works with registered and certified NGO’s and does not transfer the amount to individuals or non registered organisations.

For getting support from iwithwe, the individuals can contact the local charity organisations for genuine causes, who can further contact them and raise campaigns on the website.  The website can collect the funds and transfer it to the registered charity organisation which makes sure that no money laundering activities take place.

Iwithwe.com is a Middle East based organisation that works on the crowd funding business model. The aim of the organisation is to help and support the communities in Middle East and India for various social issues. The individuals behind the organisation strive to strengthen the communal harmony and resolve the issues faced by people due to lack of funds. They were also nominated by CPI Financial Middle East for best small business category in 2016.

Iwithwe, as the name suggests promote the idea if using more of ‘we’ than ‘I’ so help people fight with debt due to various issues. The organisation was also selected as 25 most promising UAE start-ups in 2015 by Forbes Middle East. Now it is working to start crowd funding campaigns for the community members and help them get out of debt as much as possible. The website has got well acclamation and now there are a number of people who support the fundraisers. They work to raise funds for the people also to solve various humanitarian issues.

Iwithwe is working towards becoming a bigger community so that it can help more number of people. The website considers the power of global internet population which is about 2.4 billion which means even a small donation of $1 by one person can contribute to something really big. This money can be used to help the 870 million undernourished people all over the world, as per the WHO statistics 2010-2012. More information about the organisation can be found on their official website.

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