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Grand Rapids, MI— Now more than ever, homeowners and apartment tenants are seeking out ways to purify and clean the air within their homes. Cooking can leave scents in the air that take days to alleviate, the number of foreign objects that make their way inside can have adverse effects, and pets are quite possibly the worst thing for the air quality in your home. Thankfully, to help deal with these problems, is up and running.

It can be difficult for those in the market for a new (or first) air purifier to find one that has been adequately designed and is well-suited to deal with their unique situation. Using online review sites can be hassle! This is because it’s hard to tell if other sites have an undisclosed obligation to a specific brand or model through sponsor dollars and advertisements. If so, they can present (sometimes) honest reviews and descriptions that leave out crucial information—and, many times, that information can be absolutely crucial to finding the right model tailored to your individual needs, such as room size, air quality, or noise.

Best Air Purifier Reviews hopes to solve these types of problems with transparency and honesty. They refuse to shy away from reviewing any model, brand, or caliber of product. Instead, they honestly and intricately discuss the capabilities of every model they inspect—listing pros cons alike. Their claim is that you can rest assured you’re reading from an unbiased source thanks to a simple, straightforward disclaimer explaining they’re participants in Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means that their continued success is not linked to how many air purifiers are sold from any brand, website, or in general.

The owner of the site has a very personal impetus for becoming involved in the air purifier review world. “It all began when my girl turned 5. She started to have sneezing and coughing fits that would keep her up all night. Our general practitioner told us she didn’t  think my daughter had asthma, but was allergic to pet dander,” she explained. “During our research, we learned that there many different air cleaners, all based on different kinds of theories about purifying the air.”

After her journey for the best air purifier for pets was complete, she decided to use her collection of knowledge and begin the project that would be come Best Air Purifier Reviews. That was 10 years ago. Consumers far and wide have come to appreciate the sound and regular advice that Miss Madison offers her readers free-of-charge, far and wide.

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