Jingle Bells! Enjoy the Christmas in WARTUNE

Wartune Christmas Events

It’s time to celebrate the Christmas season! Celebrate with friend, family and Wartune! Want to receive in game gifts from Father Christmas or play thrilling games with friends? Join Wartune and celebrate Christmas with the community!

Jingle Bells! Enjoy the Christmas in WARTUNE

Wartune is a thrilling RPG + Strategic browser game, which received the Facebook Staff Favorite award in 2013 and the Facebook Top Asian Game award in 2014 and has a pretty large fanbase worldwide. Players can choose from three different classes for their characters, hire and obtain new units, change their formation and create strategies to fight against different enemies.

Summoning legendary warriors and creatures is also another key feature of this game. The battles have a deep strategy system that will need the player’s freedom to customize their armies. They will also have the opportunity to possess their own city and fight to protect it thanks to the PvP and PvE features. Player versus players is probably one of the most popular features of Wartune, players can compete with any player from around the world or join forces to defeat Bosses and other enemies. And all that combined with its amazing 3D rendered 2D graphics that keep being one of the bests in the market.

This Christmas, Wartune has many surprises for its players. During the events, a special Father Christmas NPC will appear in Cloud City and ask for two items in exchange for Christmas gifts. A Carrot may sound like a weird Christmas present, but log in every day to receive its seeds and plant them in the farm, that way players will be able to give the grown Carrots to the NPC. The second item players will need to find is the Melting Snowheart, they will be able to find them if they defeat a Chime Yeti in the Wilds.

Every day from 19:00 to 19:30, Christmas gifts will drop in Cloud City to help players in the journey. Log in to claim them!

What’s the best Christmas battle ever…? A snowball fight! Enter in the Event Dungeon to find the new battle. Find 8 players and they will be divided in 2 teams. In this dungeon, all the common attributes will be deactivated. Players will have to find their attack skills looking for the snowmen hiding in the dungeon. Have fun and become a snowball-fighting master!

Participate in any Christmas event to receive special packs filled with Snowplow, Christmas costumes, buff items (Cerevisiae, Lollipop, Gingersnaps, etc.) and other items.

For a more detailed guide of all the Christmas events, login in Wartune and check them all!

This Christmas, there is never ending fun and rewards for Wartune’s warriors. Join now and participate!

Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/

Wartune Official Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Wartune/

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