Afya Tea is a Rich Nutrient Supplement that is also Effective in Managing Blood Sugar

For millions of people suffering from diabetes, one of the most important concerns is maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. While most diabetics choose to manage blood glucose with medications like insulin, there are healthier and less expensive alternatives.  Among these is the nutrient rich supplement known as Afya Tea made from the Moringa Oleifera leaves cultivated in Cameroon.  The Moringa plant has been used to successfully treat more than 30 illnesses including diabetes, anemia and hypertension.

The Moringa Oleifera plant has 157,000 μmol TE of antioxidants per 100 g, one of the highest levels of any naturally occurring flora.  This nutritional super-food also has 7 times the amount of Vitamin C of oranges, 4 times the calcium and Vitamin A of milk, 3 times as much potassium in milk, and twice the protein of yogurt.

It is currently difficult to procure Afya Tea in the U.S., but a new company founded by Vanessa Zommi intends to change that.  Zommi has sponsored an Indiegogo campaign that will allow people outside of Africa to easily purchase Afya Tea.  In addition to helping people sufferers of diabetes and other health conditions, the funds from this campaign will help Cameroon farmers and their communities.  Zommi intends to use her crowdfunding project to purchase production equipment, train native farmers, hire business personnel, obtain export licenses and conduct research into Afya Tea.  To learn more about Afya Tea or to make a financial contribution to this important project, please visit

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