RubRatings Launches In Over a 100 New Cities

CHICAGO, IL – 12/25/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — RubRatings, a web based platform for massage and body rub providers, officially offers service in over a 100 new cities this week. The full list of cities can now be found on this page. The high traffic platform has received much praise for it’s clean design and unique service offering in an industry with little accountability.

The platform is based on user submitted reviews and feedback for body rub service providers in their areas. Users can also favorite or hide ads based on their preference. Service providers are given an easy to use interface to publish and manage their ads at competitive ad rates.

The decision as to which cities to offer service was based on multiple factors including:

  1. Population of the city
  2. User submitted interests in new cities
  3. Regional diversity in relation to current cities
  4. Google search volume for relevant keywords at each city

Interesting to note is that many of the medium sized cities have ended up with a much higher user engagement rate than larger cities such as New York or Chicago. Cities such as Nashville, TN can obtain a bounce rate in the 30 percentile where a larger city is closer to 60 percent. In other words, more people are visiting and staying longer in smaller cities.

In the initial testing of the new locations, there has already been a very positive response from both clients seeking service and providers who want to list their body rub service. We’re excited to see and hear from our new users in the additional cities in the days ahead.

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