Airwheel Z5 Smart Folding Electric Scooter Comes To Help Designated Drivers Go Home

Previously, designated drivers rely on walking or taking taxi on the way to meet different clients. However, walking for a long time makes them fatigued, while taking taxi will decrease their income. The advent of Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter is the blessing to those designated drivers.

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Designated driving is more and more booming as the traffic rules are much stricter and the law consciousness of people is more perfect than before. At the same time, such a business creates many jobs for people. Designated drivers including drinking designated drivers, tourism designated drivers and business designated drivers, have one common concern that is how they go home when they drive the consumers to the destination. The good news is that the newly born Airwheel Z5 electric standing scooter will come to help.

Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter

Airwheel Z5can be folded which is easy to carry and put. It is a great convenience for designated drivers. When they are driving cars, the Z5 ideawheel can be easily put into the trunk, so that when they arrive at destination, they will go home riding Airwheel Z5foldable electric scooter. Additionally, thanks to the anterior standing design, Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter accords with principles of ergonomics, and changes the side standing which easily cause fatigue.

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Since there are many designated driving happens in the night, Z5 has been equipped with the intelligent security tail lights system, and it brings not only the attention, but also safety. For the business designated drivers, the journey is usually a little longer than the common drinking designated journey. In this case, the battery of Airwheel Z5 motorized scooter is designed as the DIY battery design. If Z5 is running out of electricity, they can take another battery to replace the used one. So does their mobiles. The battery has been coupled with USB port, so that they will not miss any order.

With shock mitigation system and customized 8 inch tyres, it can go to various road conditions. Nowadays, it is frequently-seen that a designated driver is driving Airwheel Z5 marsrover on street. In a word, the advent of Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter is the blessing to those designated drivers.

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