Airwheel E6 Intelligent Sport Electric Bike, a Safe Transport for Elderly Parents

For elderly parents, they need a safe and convenient travel transport. Recently, Airwheel E6 backpack electric bike is more and more popular among them. The light and portable figure makes elderly people control it very easily. Powerful folding system lets them carry or put it at any place.

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Travel of elderly parents becomes a hot topic. On road, there are too many vehicles, which cause traffic jam in rush hours. It is obvious dangerous for elderly parents to fight with congested traffic and crowded people. Although public transportations offer some welfare measures for the elderly people, like exclusive seats, there is too much passenger volume, which also makes them at risk. Now, there is a travel transport that can release elderly parents, which is Airwheel E6 electric bike. On the one hand, it covers all of travels in the life of elderly parents. On the other hand, it makes them happy in retired life.

Airwheel E6 Smart E Bike

In the very first place, Airwheel E6 smart folding electric bike provides great convenience to retired parents. The multiple folding system makes E6 only 950*456*160mm when it is folded. Moreover, it is made from high-quality and light material, which makes the weight only 14.15kg. Therefore, even elderly parents can carry it easily, let alone it can be packed in the exclusive bag that has wheel. That is to say, elderly parents can push it like a suitcase.

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Speaking of riding performance, E6 smart folding electric bike is equipped with advanced lithium-ion battery and thus it offers strong power. The slender figure will load elderly people and freely run on road. Maybe, what is the most important to the elderly is high riding safety. However, it is never a problem of E6. The adopted C-AT vehicle control system and intelligent EBS brake system ensure high safety in the riding as well as braking. The double damping system and separated-saddle design fully guarantees stable and comfortable riding experience.

When it comes to what Airwheel E6 foldable bicycle can do for the elderly, generally speaking, they can ride it to any places. If the feel boring, they even can gather some friends and start a journey by riding E6. From now on, their kids won’t worry about their safety any more.

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