Sichuan, the Secret Garden of World – Paint a Different Sichuan

Invite Tourists from the World to Experience the Beauty of Sichuan

Sichuan Tourism Development Committee is officially launching the activity of “Sichuan, the Secret Garden of World”, and inviting the tourists from the world to paint and share a picture of Sichuan in heart. The participants will have opportunity to get an experience coupon for touring Sichuan for free and other exquisite gifts. The time of this activity is: from December 2, 2016 to February 2, 2017.


Sichuan,more than pandas 

In Sichuan, there are mysterious and beautiful places of western Sichuan, colorful minority cultures, and the collision between the modern civilization and the culture of ancient Sichuan. They all make Sichuan become a secret garden of world and are worth exploring by the tourists from the world. Sichuan Tourism Development Committee will launch a game of coloring a series of famous Sichuan symbols through the activity website ( to make tourists learn more about Sichuan. Participants can win the opportunity of touring Sichuan for free.


The works will be displayed on the activity website. The painters who get the most praises will win the opportunity to have a surprising trip of deeply experiencing Sichuan. People who actively take part in the activity will also have the opportunity to get exquisite post cards themed by Sichuan symbols.

The winners will be announced in February 2017. During the period, please heartily paint and vote through the activity website to share a picture of Sichuan in your heart with the tourists from the world, and share it with your friends through social networks such as Microblog, WeChat and Facebook.

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