Mei Yue Mei Yue – A “Blockbuster” in Beauty Food Field from China

Report from our correspondent: Today, media news trend sweeps every corner of our lives; the hot issues are also springing up. When a computer starts quietly, you can see the news about beauty food forcibly occupies the screen; while back to the study room after a meal, you can see this piece of news about beauty food spreads. Therefore Mei Yue Mei Yue is being frequently presented to us in this way.

According to information, there is few elastin product currently in the oral beauty market of China. Correspondent learned that three major factors result in this phenomenon.

Firstly, the material source is rare and expensive as the most authentic source of elastin is the heart of skipjack whose material price is 80-100 times that of “collagen”.

Secondly, oral beauty product with elastin has high demand on formula. It must be positioned on skin tissue to ensure the absorption effect. Otherwise, it would be dissolved even exhausted by the digestive system.

Another issue is about regulatory barriers. Elastin didn’t pass the examination and approval of National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China until the end of 2014 based on mass safety and toxicology experiment data provided by several functional food research and development institutions in China (From 2012, Kemeishi has been undertaking contrastive demonstration of foreign research data). Finally, it is listed in functional food list (W.S.X.Z.Z. [2014] No.0014) with the “identity card” to enter into the market.


Focusing on skin care and creating original natural beauty is the priority of many people. However, many people ignore one of the most important secret for being young, elastin. Hence, the correspondent consulted an expertise in medical beauty field. He said, “Elastin, one of the important materials to build skin, is a necessary constituent part of elastic fiber. Elastin is not only the frame but also the skeleton to support skin, maintaining tissue elasticity of skin and tension stress and providing the most critical structural support for skin. Additionally, it covers skin to activate the natural collagen protective film of skin cells, prevent skin from air oxidation and pollution, which makes skin elastic, smooth and young from the source.


It should be noted that at present, Mei Yue Mei Yue is an online celebrity in China, which breaks the ice of beauty food field. Mei Yue Mei Yue enjoys both reputation and popularity in terms of product safety certificate and relevant advantages.

Perfect beauty food must include material that can be easily recognized by skin and body. Mei Yue Mei Yueis made up of refined olive extractive, sea-buckthorn, raspberry essence, cordate houttuynia, grapestone extractive, ampelopsis grmsedntarac and seven rare and precious materials of elastin, to make your skin healthy and pretty. It demonstrates outstanding effect both in China and worldwide.

It is absolutely difficult for Chinese beauty food brand to be international brand. The moment when Mei Yue Mei Yue was certified by official authority pronounces beauty food brand by Chinese company can be comparable with many top brands in the world, even exceed brands of Japan and other countries. From the research and development to release, every product detail and procedure Mei Yue Mei Yue series products go through high demanding inspection, one of factors leading to its huge success at present. We will keep an eye on this issue.

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