ManBetX Joins Hands with English Premier League!

Football goes beyond every language and country in the world, and it is the brightest star out of all sports on this planet, illuminating the dreams and passion of everyone who is on and off the pitch.

Undying passion, the collision of force and faith, one climax after another, and the suspicion of not knowing the result until the last second…all of which make this sport incredibly charming like the mysterious mix of the force of Michelangelo’s David and the smile of Mona Lisa.

Some people may not understand football, but even someone who knows absolutely nothing about the football rules will clench the fists when the ball crashes into the gate. This is football, a charming sport that goes beyond the limits of time and space.

As one of the widely acknowledged top football leagues in the world, English Premier League (referred to as “EPL” hereinafter) has the oldest football club in the world – Sheffield F.C., and the oldest football league structure in the world too. And now, EPL will work with one of the most famous live-broadcasting platform in the world, ManBetX. Together we will join hands to offer the top football game viewing experiences from all aspects and multiple angles in the new era.


In the press conference announcing the cooperation between EPL and ManBetX, the representative of EPL first extended his appreciation to those guests and journalists who have attended the conference, and said it was an honor for EPL to work with ManBetX. ManBetX has been highly respected internationally, he said, and the cooperation with ManBetX is also an innovative step for EPL. As a professional network information platform, he believed that it will bring a brand new way for the audience and fans of EPL to watch games. Later, he briefly introduced the history and current situation of EPL, a time-honored and one of the role models for all football leagues across the globe with extremely high standards, and he also expressed his confidence in ManBetX. He believed that as a network information platform with the most extensive football league resources in Asia, ManBetX will definitely bring the most professional and premium services for every player and fan for them to enjoy the beauty of football games. EPL staff are very excited about the cooperation with ManBetX as well. From now on, ManBetX will at least deliver 50 commercials during every season, marking the beginning of the extensive and profound cooperation between both sides. At last, the representative of EPL expressed his hope that may the cooperation attract more people who are interested or enthusiastic about EPL, and he firmly believes that more and more people will fall in love with EPL as well as football with the cooperation between both sides.

The representatives of EPL and ManBetX shook hands in front of applause and flashlight, marking the beginning of the first step of EPL and ManBetX as they join hands together, and a future of passion and tenacity, brightness and hopes, just as what we see in the football pitch.


As a professional sports information sharing and communication platform, ManBetX is always committed in offering HD, comprehensive and direct video and other resources so that users may enjoy top immersive experiences. The cooperation with EPL not only proves the strengths of ManBetX and our professional and premium services, and marks an important step as ManBetX keeps offering users with the most comprehensive football experiences.


We still remember that in the 2001-02 season, Hotspur scored three goals in a row during the first half of a game that took place at its home field. Just as everyone thought that the finality had already been settled in advance, Man Utd scored 5 goals during the second half and turned over the game, and David Beckham scored his 50th goal in this game; in the 2002-03 season, Leeds United scored a last-gasp goal at 88th minute into the game and defeated Arsenal, and helped Man Utd to win the champion in advance, while Arsenal began their 49-match spotless record after the game; in 2005, the team leader of Arsenal Patrick Vieira and the leader of Man Utd Roy Keane confronted with each other on the pitch for the last time, declaring the end of an era. At last, Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals and turned over the game for Man Utd; in the 2007-08 season, Fulham kept fighting when they were two goals behind, and Diomansy Kamara scored an overturning at the last minute; in the 2011-12 season, Man Utd took back the championship cup of EPL again after 44 years with the two goals scored by Edin Dzeko and Sergio Agüero during the 5-minute injoureing time.

All of these impressive games are what make EPL, one of the top football leagues in this world, so charming!

No one is weak, no one is a coward, and no one gives up on the pitch!

Everyone is strong! And everyone is trying to the uttermost to bring their teams closer, and closer to the championship!


In addition to those impressive games, today’s EPL is still incredibly wonderful. For example, with ManBetX, so many football fans have watched the cliff-hanging game between Burnley and Manchester City held in 20:30, November 26th Beijing Time via our client-side and website.

ManBetX boldly predicted that even though Manchester City was more likely to win, it would not win a landslide victory over Burnley. Being an average team in the league, Burnley has been performing excellently throughout the season with 14 points obtained, and 13 of which came from home games, and their points won from home games are even higher than that of Manchester City. On the other hand, Manchester is having a rough time recently since they didn’t win in their home games against the champion of UEFA Champions and Middlesbrough. Just as how ManBetX predicted, Burnley lost the game to Manchester by 1-2, and Manchester didn’t have a landslide victory.

So many EPL fans watch live games on ManBetX and they feel like as if they were on the scene, and cheer or get upset for every climax and every goal.

In the future, ManBetX will provide even more football game information and live games for EPL fans so that they may enjoy every spectacular game and cheer together with the audience in the stadium!


We believe that many friends have noticed the commercials of ManBetX have appeared silently on the sides of the pitch when they watch EPL games. These commercials quietly watch the players as they challenge for the ball on the pitch and the audience as they make Mexican waves and cheer in the auditorium. The entry of ManBetX commercials in EPL games not only represents our partnership with EPL, but also our support for football!

For some people, football is their dream, and how they chase the ball is like how they chase their dream in the hustle and bustle of the world; for some people, football is their faith as in no one knows who will be the winner until the last second, and the intense penalty shootout represents the collision of respective firm beliefs of different people; for some people, football means fighting. Winning matters, but the smile of those who win and the tears of those who lose matter too. No one is a natural born winner, and there are countless hardships and training behind every victory; for some people, football is the spirt of winner-take-all. Losing the game doesn’t necessarily mean that you are weak, but winning definitely means that you are strong; for some people, football stands for the spirit of unity because it is never a game of one person…

Go watch an EPL game if you ever encounter with a setback in life, and watch those players who shed tears of unwillingness after a defeat but whose eyes are always illuminated by the fire of unyieldingness; go watch EPL if you ever hesitate in life, and watch how those persistent players chase the ball and their dreams on the pitch; go watch EPL if you ever want to compromise with the reality, and watch those players who still rise up against their opponent even if they are falling behind…

Football is a kaleidoscope in which everyone may find their own dreams, and the shapes of their own hearts. That’s why ManBetX is working with EPL to offer you with the most genuine and top experiences! In addition, ManBetX also offers you with mobile lottery and many other fun games so that you can enjoy the top-ranking entertainment in Asia while watching games!

Listen, that’s the sound when a ball touches the net, now let’s cheer!

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