New Mobile Hotspot Router Launched On Google Play

The new hotspot router helps to keep people online when their internet signal is lost.

The Internet has become an important tool with over 3.2 billion people using it around the world. However, when for some reason an Internet connection goes down at home or in the office, it can cause frustration as well as serious problems. A new app launched on Google Play aims to solve that problem by turning a mobile phone into a hotspot router.

The New Mobile Hotspot Router was designed by SoulApps, and since being launched on Google Play it has become an important tool in keeping an Internet WiFi signal strong. As well as helping to keep people online when the Internet goes down at home or in the office, it also helps mobile devices when their signal has been lost or becomes weak.

A spokesman for SoulApps said: “We rely on the Internet on a daily basis for work and pleasure, but when the Internet signal is lost it can cause serious problems. Our new app solves those problems and can keep people online by turning a mobile device into an Internet router.”

As well as working with home computers, and cell phones, the new app can also provide a signal for mobile devices that may not have a contract with an Internet provider. The app is easy to use. By simply turning off the mobile WiFi, and turning on the mobile data, the user can go to the app and set up their own WiFi router and share their mobile date with family and friends.

It can connect to local WiFi networks and show details of networks available in a nearby location. The free app is supported in different languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, German, French and Portugal.

The team at SoulApps have included a security measure to make sure that only those that are authorized to use the mobile router can access the data plan. Anyone wishing to use the mobile router to gain a strong signal will need to ask the owner for the username and password.

“We have received positive feedback since our free app was launched. Our aim with our mobile router was to provide those with a weak signal a way to be able to get online, and with the positive response we have received we have done that,” said a spokesman for SoulApps

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