Utah Family Law Firm Announces Flat-Rate Fee for Uncontested Divorces to Help Eliminate Unforeseen Costs

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law now offers an affordable option for Utahns to receive the attorney representation needed to complete an uncontested divorce quickly and with no hidden costs.

The Salt Lake City-based law firm provides two flat-rate service fees for representation in uncontested divorce cases. The fees are $1,000 for an uncontested divorce that doesn’t involve children and $1,500 for cases with children.

In Utah, an uncontested divorce involves two spouses that agree to the divorce, allowing them to settle the divorce agreements outside of court on their own or through a mediator. Most divorces are uncontested, as that avenue offers certain advantages, including more control over decisions regarding property division, child support and visitation; a faster resolution process; and less public dissemination of information through court records.

Uncontested divorces have the additional benefit of helping both parties, as well as children and family members, avoid stress and preserve their relationships. While all divorces must be finalized by a court order, both spouses in an uncontested divorce case can generally file paperwork without a court appearance.

Wall & Wall’s flat-rate fees are available to individuals wanting to obtain a simple uncontested divorce in the state of Utah. The rates are based on an understanding that the client and their spouse have agreed upon all issues and merely need various documents prepared by a legal team. The rates are not available to those clients needing to consult with an attorney and/or obtain legal counsel.

The law office has made available online instructions to guide clients through the system, from taking a divorce education class and setting a time schedule for completing the divorce process, to preparing important paperwork, such as the petition for divorce and the summons; a divorce questionnaire; child support location information forms; affidavits; and proof of income forms. This streamlined system enables clients to complete the steps for their divorce in the most economical manner possible.

Wall & Wall’s flat-rate fees do not include time for counseling with an attorney. The legal team at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law are happy to offer counsel and assistance preparing various legal documents, but those services carry additional costs that vary based on what the individual attorney charges.

For all divorce cases, contested or uncontested, potential clients can benefit from receiving more information on the process through a free 30-minute initial consultation.

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