With 2017 just around the corner, many people will be making new year’s resolutions with regards to their body image and wellbeing. While many people will make lifestyle alterations to their diets and fitness regimes, many will also look to cosmetic surgery.

While this time of year is a common time for people to opt for cosmetic surgery, the importance of making informed decisions and choosing reputable surgeons cannot be understated.

Renowned for his aesthetic sense and his artistic skills within the field of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Arnold Breitbart of New York Liposuction is one of the most popular choices for anyone considering cosmetic surgery, receiving widespread praise from patients and medical professionals alike.

From his base at the New York Liposuction Center, Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Breitbart, is preparing for 2017, offering a plethora of minimally invasive procedures to those who have made the decision to opt for body rejuvenation.

With a whole host of accolades to his name, Dr. Breitbart’s approach is individual and customized, ensuring that patients experience utmost clarity, information and ultimately receive the optimum results they desire.

Dr. Breitbart has been named by Newsday as one of the top plastic surgeons on Long Island, and has featured in Glamour, Allure, Self, and NBC News.  

Creating a customized liposurgical plan that not only takes into account cosmetic goals, but also patient health profile, safety, recovery and downtime, Dr. Breitbart’s approach combines traditional patient care with the most modern, minimally-invasive technologies.

The most popular liposuction technologies in 2017 are expected to be SmartLipo, ProLipo Plus, Cellulaze and Precision Tx Laser Face/Neck Lift.

The center offers consultations free of charge, along with post-op supplies and follow-up visits. Pricing is done on an individual basis by Dr. Breitbart, according to the technologies and procedures being carried out, and the individual patient. 

“January is traditionally a time when many people take the next step in body rejuvenation procedures such as liposuction” said Dr. Breitbart.

“We would urge anyone considering liposuction in the New York City and surrounding areas, to come along and meet with our friendly, experienced team. A free consultation can answer those important questions, and get patients started on the most ideal path for them” he added.

The New York Liposuction Center also performs the Brazilian Butt Lift, a procedure that featured heavily in the media over recent years. The process harvests fat cells through liposuction, purifies them and then transfers them to the buttocks.

More information can be found at www.newyorkliposuction.com or by calling 917-809-7787.

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