Dr. Shakeer Bashi:Tribute to a Brother Who Changed the World

Justice, Vengeance, $15 Million, American Citizenship & End to Saddam Hussain: He is a Man with Everything

Iraq was a terrible place to live under the horrible dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. The world knows that he got captured and was executed on the court’s judgement but only few know about the man who got him arrested when he was hiding. His name is Dr. Shakeer Bashi, a now American and a former Iraqi national living in the United States. He is a PHD holder in industrial engineering and happy man with the distant pain of losing his family back home. He fled in terror to the United States after he feared for his own safety. He is 70 year old and resides between his two homes in Michigan and Florida.

Two of his brothers, Mufeed and Haseem Bashi were killed by Saddam Hussein in Iraq. As karma played its role, Dr. Bashi got revenge of a lifetime and to gain the benefits from the murder of his brother by getting Saddam caught. Followed by the Invation of Iraq, an intensive search was commanded to capture Saddam Hussien and his two sons Udday and Qusay. After a crucial and thorough investigation, a rigorous search operational team effort of the US army, tipped by many of the locals led to the successful capture of this hated and most wanted ruler Saddam Hussien, distressingly his two sons managed to escape through Baghdad and find their way to Mosul. The US army troops put out a search warrant out and listed them as the most wanted brothers in the world.

After some years, the brothers found refuge in a household in Mosul, by using their power of fear and threatening the owner of the house Sheik Nawafal-Zaydan Muhammed, a regional tribe leader, and became their uninvited and unwelcomed guest. This tribal leader was related to Dr. Shakeer Bashi as they were cousins. Despite being watched and threatened by the brothers, Nawafal managed to pass out the message to his cousin, now living in the US about the events unfolding in his household. The cousins now began to devise a plan in which they could get their revenge and also end the horrors and terrors and eradicate the power these men impose on the land even being hidden. It needed meticulous planning of timings and arms so nothing would go wrong

The first step was taken by informing the US army who immediately dispatched its troops in surrounding the house and opening fire. This soon turned into a battle field that the fighting continued for almost three hours, finally ending with a victorious US army and the brothers dead, a perfect ending for their terrible ruling power which oppressed the people who believed and trusted them. Satisfied and ecstatic by the outcome the cousins rejoiced both in peace and happiness that they were part of ending a terrible story of power gone wrong. The sense and peace they felt on behalf of the family and the community was immense and words fail to express it. Over joyed their sense of victory they beheld by the revenge scheme they were part of was further enhanced by the rewards they were bestowed upon them, $ 15 million dollars each which was a fortune and made them wealthy men.

Dr. Shakeer Bashi was further honored by being given the American Citizenship and placed on the global protection program. The US government deeply appreciated the important role he played in disclosing the locations of these most wanted individuals. The outcome much easier because of the cousins planning and courageous efforts. The appreciation was of respect that helped overcome personal fears and affiliations. Capturing them was made easier and barriers were easily overcome by the troops because of the help and cooperation of the brothers.

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