New Monthly Subscription Box Delivers Unique Flavor of the UK

BritBox provides a ‘little box of home’ for British expatriates and anyone in the States

BritBox, a new monthly subscription box that delivers thoughtfully crafted boxes with authentic British goodies, announced today that it is officially launching after three months of incredibly successful testing. Each months’ BritBox delivers a delicious, fun and authentic ‘box of home’ for UK expatriates and a little UK experience for anyone else in the States.

BritBox was created by Tammy Nicholson, an expat now living in the Silicon Valley. Born and raised in Northern England, Tammy served in the Royal Navy before moving to the States in 2006. She had no idea how much she would miss many of the foods, sauces, sweets, teas and other treats from home.

“When together with other expats, we would often reminisce about the foods we missed or have a ‘healthy debate’ about the best sweets or crisps from home,” said Tammy. “I decided to test the idea of a monthly subscription box of British treats earlier this year and the response has been amazing.”

BritBox was recently reviewed by leading subscription box review site HelloSubscription. In it, the reviewer concludes, “This box would be great for people who are far from home and would love a little taste of their birth country or for Anglophiles who love all things English and would like to try some classic choices.”

Early access subscribers agree and have rated BritBox 5 out of 5 stars. Here are a few of their quotes.

“As an avid anglophile, this is heaven in a box!”

“They are lovely, and fantastically awesome. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful box.”

“We LOVE our Britbox! We agree the Britbox is a hit! Well done!”

“I *may* have squealed a tiny bit when I saw the brilliant blue box on my porch. Now I shall have to control myself and not try everything at once. This was a fun experience…. waiting for the box was almost as fun as actually opening it. I look forward to the upcoming months.”

BritBox subscriptions are available for $39 per month and includes priority shipping anywhere in the US.
Each month has a unique theme. For more information or to subscribe visit:

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