Smart Airwheel R5 Assist electric bike Changes the Way People Look at Bikes

Bike enthusiasts may find it difficult to spare time to go for a daily ride in the fast-moving world. Airwheel electric assist bike R5 now removes the obstacle. Possessing both the bodybuilding and efficient feature, it will change the way people look at bikes.

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For some people who are still struggling between choosing a bike or an e-bike to commute, Airwheel offers a third choice for them. In terms of efficiency, e-bikes are incomparable. But in terms of saving energy, bikes are doing much better. Airwheel citizen e-bike, integrating the functions of both bikes and e-bikes can meet diversified needs.

Airwheel citizen e-bike

Is it better to just drive the car, pollute the environment and get fat, or to get some exercise, fresh air and use clean energy electricity to commute? The answer is a no-brainer. Airwheel R5 can firstly serve as a traditional bike. In the body-building mode, riders just pedal to move the vehicle ahead. People can have a regular workout a day if they keep riding. But some people have to go miles away to work. Riding bikes seems not to be a wise option. Airwheel electric assist bike gets a 235W motor to assist them. The vehicle, mounted with a motor and Li-ion battery, can reach a speed up to 20 km/h. It will dramatically cut the commuting time.

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From a different perspective, R5 electric moped bike will help people to more easily adopt bike commuting. It will get people who would be normally physically unable to get on a bike give bike commuting a shot. They may find, bike commuting is not always an exhausting sport. In addition, the third choice that R5 offers is the sensing power-assisted mode. The vehicle can assist riders to pedal. There are 0-11 gear options. People can pedal in a labor-saving way.

Airwheel R5 can also play a role in family outings. The vehicle has an amazing folding system and can be stored in car trunks or other small space. In case the whole family goes out for a riding trip, different people with different energy levels can choose different operating modes. They can still keep up the same pace. The benefits of riding a R5 electric folding bike is more than one can imagine.

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