Matt Menke Engineer in Indianapolis: Applying The Discipline To Aviation

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 12/28/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Matt Menke engineers a way out of the pilot conundrum of being caught in a wildfire of wind current that often incapacitates a fighter plane when it lurches into a steep angle. In one of his studies on delta wing performance, Matt Menke, Engineer discovers that a splitter plate reinstates pilot control despite the continued persistence of wildly oscillating winds. The finding has far-reaching implications in the annals of aviation and the art of war in particular.

Finally, the phenomenon of the strong and often unpredictable killer wind on and around a fighter plane has been demystified through the Matt Menke Engineer dissertations. Menke would achieve his lofty goal by being immensely faithful to scientific principles and making sure that his experiments can be easily replicated by fellow scientists. Physics has a lot to do with unlocking the secrets of just why plane stability and maneuverability must bow down to wind supremacy.

This Matt Menke engineering breakthrough simply reveals that science can unravel solutions to problems through disciplined thought and experimentation. Such breakthrough also brings to the fore the power of collaboration.  After all, the Matt Menke engineering feats were never achieved in a vacuum but by working together with other scientists.

Yang and Gursul are just two of many collaborators in Menke’s many research undertakings. At any rate, their combined findings will be forever useful to science and to aviation in particular. 

In another study, the engineer reveals that currents behave like a self-excited oscillator on a non-straight path. This, among many other revelations, can have far-reaching applications in different sciences such as meteorology. Indeed, the weatherman has much to learn from Matt Menke, Engineer.  It was he himself who suggested that a control mechanism of sorts is required to balance an aircraft’s rapid ascent in the ether. In his most recent finding, Menke appears to have answered his own question.

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