Los Angeles – (December 29, 2016) – The Victorino Noval Foundation LLC, during its annual luxurious Holiday Party, raised over $100,000 on behalf of the Global American Health Alliance, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization created to provide healthcare access to millions of individuals diagnosed and living with Cancer. GOHA will begin building its new free Hollywood Cancer Client with a goal of providing assistance to over 5,000 individuals annually.

The Noval Foundation LLC is operated by the late Victorino Noval Grandchildren; Victor, Peter, Jake, and Hunter Noval, managing over 1.2 Billion in Noval Family Assets. Their efforts began with an initial $50,000 donation to assist the organizations founder Dr. Alexander Gershman in building a new fully operating free Cancer Screening & Diagnostic Center in West Hollywood which will save thousands of lives with the preventative resources and direct assistance.

Dr. Gershman’s efforts have been ongoing for more than 12 years through GAHA. He has created alliances with academic institutions such as UCLA, USC, CSMC and more to create joint programs that monitor in-hospital treatment & rehabilitations. GAHA has also worked with leading pharmaceutical companies to help patients receive medicine at lower costs. With the help of the Victorino Noval Foundation, GAHA will continue to improve health delivery and modernization of the medicine for future generations and will remain an active participant in the years to come.

In previous years, The Victorino Noval Foundation LLC has made generous donations to the Beverly Hills Fire Department, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Rihanna’s Diamond Ball Foundation, the Manny Pacquiao Foundation, the Children’s Trust Fund for Foster Youth, Reelaid Org, and more.

About the Victorino Noval Foundation 
The Victorino Noval Foundation is an LLC which funds a number of international and domestics causes. The Foundation was created in memory of the late Victorino Noval, an entrepreneur and generous donor to numerous causes. Victorino Noval Foundation has sponsored millions of dollars through its participation in charitable events held at The Vineyard Beverly Hills, featuring numerous celebrities and media personalities including James Cameron, Halle Berry, Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Jimmy Kimmel, Salma Hayek and more. They are also very active in supporting the arts through the multi-cultural media community.

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