CAR-T Preclinical in Vivo Assay with Tumor Xenograft Models Based on CellRapeutics™ Platform

In Creative Biolabs, we have a unique CellRapeutics platform, which makes us provide customers with a variety of customized, standardized, reliable and high-quality CAR-T in vivo assay services. Whether it’s a cell, or an animal test, our service can realize for you. At the same time, Creative Biolabs has many years of experience in the construction of animal models, and uses a variety of powerful animal models and detection systems for the development and evaluation of CAR-T projects.

Featured services of CAR-T preclinical in vivo assay:

Construction of tumor xenograft models

Xenograft animal models from Creative Biolabs include hematological malignancies and solid tumors. All the xenograft animal models are strictly controlled, thus ensuring the reliability of the experiment. According to the customer’s requirements and satisfaction, we designed a suitable program to improve the effect of CAR-T cell therapy.

Efficacy test of CAR-T

The preclinical animal model in vivo tests of CAR-T cells provide valuable information for future clinical applications. The use of appropriate animal models, the design of a complete strategy and the study of high quality in vivo experiments provides the guarantee on the CAR-T efficacy test.

Toxicity evaluation of CAR-T

Safety assurance is the most important factor in the efficacy of new drug development. In order to ensure the safety of the experimenter and the rights of others, it is important to assess the toxicity of animal models. Creative Biolabs carefully selected animal models, and designed a complete experimental program, so as to effectively evaluate the cytotoxicity.

Strategies to harness cytokine release syndrome

We have superb expertise in gene modification and CAR-T development experience, and is challenging various CAR-T and TCR-T problems.

Viability and bio-distribution study of CAR-T

Creative Biolabs provides all studies performed in a GLP-compliant and IACUC-regulated facility.

Quality control for in vivo assays

GLP and non-GLP in vivo assay for CAR-T/TCR-T cell therapy

GLP-compliant CAR-T/TCR-T preclinical project design

IND application related experiment design

Method validation

Formal report generation

Creative Biolabs has years of technological experience in the construction of tumor animal models. We have a variety of mature mouse models for efficient evaluation of CAR cells, including cytotoxicity, cell function and so on.

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