Santa’s Secret Exposed by Sydney Ceiling Insulation Batts Installer

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Sydney, New South Wales (Thursday, December 29th, 2016) – The timeless myth about Santa Clause sneaking his way down the chimney to reward the kids who have been good this year – may have been exposed once and for all. A local Sydney contractor installing ceiling insulation batts inside the cramped ceiling of a 1960’s house in the south-west Sydney suburb of Minto has stumbled on ground-breaking evidence that the ceiling manhole is in all likelihood the preferred access point for Santa.

The insulation installer reportedly stumbled on several key pieces of evidence while working inside the ceiling, namely:

  • A piece of red flannel attached to a protruding nail

  • A tuft of reindeer fur

  • A candy bar

  • A small pile of fresh saw dust.

The saw dust led to a further and more sinister discover – two freshly sawn roof batons appeared to provide evidence of Santa’s initial access point.

Clint Murrays from Sydney Ceiling Insulation Batt Installers said: “Frankly, I could hardly believe my eyes – it took me a few moments to appreciate the implications of what I’d just found. I called the police straightaway. It’s not what you expect to stumble on when you’re installing ceiling insulation batts up in an old roof.”

Forensic detectives from NSW Police have since cordoned off the property and are still collecting evidence at the scene.

A staff member from Pricewise Insulation, who had supplied the insulation batts to the residents, was granted exclusive access to the property and spoke with the resident couple, John and Anne Smith. Further mystifying the occurrence and casting an even darker shadow over Santa’s nocturnal operations, were several surprising assertions by the couple, who said they have been living at their current address for over 20 years. “There have never been any children here, we’ve never celebrated Christmas, and we’ve never had any presents delivered to our home!” they said.

All these factors combined will no doubt raise serious questions as to the motivation behind the apparently brazen break-and-enter.

In a statement NSW Police said: “While it is too early for us to comment on the details of our investigation, we can confirm that Santa Clause has been identified as a person of interest in this case. While any burglary is regrettable, the fact that this appears to have been perpetrated by a high-profile and respected individual makes it all the more serious.”

The statement from NSW Police went on to re-assure the public that there is no cause for alarm. “We are treating this as an isolated incident. Anyone who spots Santa Clause up on a roof during this Christmas holiday period is advised to remain vigilant, and should you happen to observe a pair of black boots descending down through the ceiling manhole in the middle of the night, call Crime Stoppers immediately.”

Santa Clause’s office was unavailable for comment.

Disclaimer: Pricewise Insulation contributed to this story. No warranty is provided as to the accuracy or reliability of the information contained in this article, and if you believe that Santa Clause really does come and go through the ceiling manhole, we recommend you seek professional advice.

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