Smart Airwheel R5 electric Assist bicycle has three ride modes to assist riders

Clever guys tends to use smart vehicles for their daily travelling. Generally they will consider one from the perspectives of labor-saving, efficiency, road traffic ability and portability etc. Well, Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle can reach all the requirements and its functions are not limited in these.

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Airwheel launched a new e bike called R5 electric power bicycle recently. Different from previous series of vehicles, R series are more humanized since riders can choose from three ride modes. Almost all the requirements of users can be reached by this citizen e-bike. It is all about the riding modes.

electric assist bike

It is believed that most fans of Airwheel have already got used to ride e scooters or bikes driven by electricity such as S series, Z series or E series. They are mini sized, light weighted and easily to be carried so they become popular among users no matter it is driven for commuting or travelling. Now let’s explore this newest product R5 electric assist bike if it has something special comparing with those driven by only electricity.

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First thing first, R5 is an electric assist urban bike with chain structure. And it is this design that makes it possible to have the man-power ride mode which is also named fitness mode. This means that riders can pedal it which has same effect of exercising of common bicycles. However, it varies from person to person. Maybe sometimes some guys prefer to ride this electric assist bike by pure pedaling while there will be a certain minority who would like to move forward by electricity-driven.

To be honest, electricity-only ride mode is indeed labor-saving and efficient. But seriously, the electricity assisted ride mode is the place its uniqueness lies. With the aid of sensor technology, R5 electric assist bicycle can output adequate strength to assist riding. In this way, riders can not only cycle it with the same feeling of taking traditional chain bikes but also can feel not tired. Big size tires, special tire treads and suitable tire pressure guarantee the good road traffic ability and the collapsible feature makes it easily to be parked. So after you have Airwheel R5, you will live a smart life.

CES held in Las Vegas, USA from Jan 5th to Jan 8th in 2017.

Please find Airwheel in Sands Fitness Hall, Level 2, and Booth NO. 45730.

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