CSOne Offers Affordable Field Service Software in the Cloud for Small to Mid-Size Repair and Maintenance Services

Make a Minimal Initial Investment and Pay Only for What Is Used

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is failing to invest in management software that will make them more efficient at what they do. A good management system is especially important for repair and maintenance businesses where employees at each level rely on the actions of the others. When technicians head out into the field to provide services to their customers, plans may change or other jobs may come up. CSOne maintenance management software in the cloud provides a means of organization and communication that is so important to those businesses with fewer resources.

CSOne is an internet-based software system for small to medium repair and maintenance businesses. Those services that have fewer technicians to cover a fairly large service area can actually benefit the most from being able to communicate with a mobile device. CSOne repair management software takes it to the next level by implementing GPS tracking with Google Maps so that the manager in the office always has access to the technicians in the field. The manager can track the progress of the jobs that each tech is doing and determine who is the closest to a new emergency situation that arises whenever it becomes necessary.

Service on Demand

Many types of repair services are offered on a 24/7 basis. HVAC, plumbing, and flooding emergencies are some examples of the urgent situations that these companies must be prepared to handle on a moment’s notice. The longer it takes to respond to an emergency call, the more damage may occur and the less impressed the customer at the other end of the call will be.

The makers of CSOne understand how important it is for even the smallest of businesses to maintain contact with the other members of the team and handle situations on the fly. CSOnerepair management software makes it easy to locate and contact technicians when and where they are needed. For most businesses, the technicians are the most valuable asset the business has available. CSOne makes it possible to make the most out of the talent available and make the best impression on every call they complete.


One of the primary reasons that smaller businesses fail to acknowledge the importance of field service software in the cloud for managing their services is the cost. CSOne makes it affordable by requiring only a minimal initial investment and paying for only what is used. The end result is big business management on a small business budget.

About CSOne

CSOne (http://csone.biz/en/) is web-based software designed specifically for the needs of small to medium-sized service providers of repair and maintenance needs. The software is available as SaaS (In the Cloud), or on-premise. Each type of software offers unique advantages for some businesses with SaaS providing a lower upfront cost and on-premise type offering more flexibility and customization. The maintenance management software facilitates communication and organization between the receptionist, repair office, outside the office, field engineer, and sub-contractor for more efficient repair calls and records-keeping.

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