Anti-Counterfeiting Management with CYCJET Industrial inkjet printers

Industrial Inkjet Printers Anti-counterfeiting management Solution to avoid Fake and poor quality commodity, and protective the protect customer ‘ s benefit, ensure orderly market competition.

Industrial inkjet printer realize barcode and QR code printing, then the barcode Anti-counterfeiting system can assist enterprise to sequential management production sales, following and control easily, improve the management abilities, avoid risk. And also the system took QR code encryption technology, then exactly and safely marking for mainly products. Through the exactly checking function for mainly products at branch markets, it is can effectively prevent sales of inter-district sales, reduce the effect of Anti-counterfeiting from markets.


Description of Function:

1. Production Management

Industrial inkjet printer  system given a unique barcode or QR code to each products, it is available to Encrypted barcode or QR code. The code included the information of goods, production, serial number, marketing, etc… especially QR code available to record the detailed information of marketing area, salesman, key parts serial number, so each good have a unique, complete and secretive ID. And barcode available to memory 20pcs digits message, QR code can be collect several hundred message.

The Industrial inkjet printers system will further strictly control of commodity out of storage, into storage, logistics through scan barcode and QR code, and also strong the sales branch to check goods easily. Business outlets can be check the area of sale, description of goods. The checking function of ink jet printer included portable barcode read system, or realize checking and management by PC with barcode scanner.

Within production management, the inkjet coding system included the management of labels, products, administration, upload and download data, etc…

2.Sales Management:

Distribution enterprises apply the system based on Industrial inkjet printers, connect with the sell software, selling network via QR code technology, then complete, safe, effective  management and control distribution goods. and collect value data of warehouse, logistics, sales, returned money, etc…

3. Commodity anti-counterfeiting

Ink Jet Marking system realize anti-counterfeiting via barcode, QR code. After enterprise encryption bar code and QR barcode, in the case of unable to get the password, others are unable to get the data and information from 2D code. Otherwise, because of each item, the 2D code difference, and it is also have  relation  with parts & serial number, other people cannot counterfeit. And also all legal barcode recorded into database, if there was fake barcode, the marking system will be check and alarm.

The Industrial inkjet printers system supporting Telecom Security, when the enterprise printing label, it will generated a serial number, and stick on the goods, and the end user can be check the legal or not by tel service.

4. After-Sales service management:

The marking system also included after-sales service, the dept. will scan the encryption QR code to get the message of merchandise resources and description. Then can be strictly confirm and comprehensive identification, prevent enterprise from loss, and totally improve the after-sales service quality.

So the CYCJET general engineer JC said: “This Industrial inkjet printers system will protect the interests of the enterprise, also customers, then the marketing will better and better.”

CYCJET is the a brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than ten years experience for wholesaler and retailer of different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser Marking solution, laser marking machines, Industrial inkjet printing solution &  portable marking solution in Shanghai China.

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