Natural Bodybuilding Site-Skinny Yoked- Adds Contributor Articles

Osceola, WI – With the internet as expansive and all-encompassing as it has become, it’s not difficult to find most any niche’s dedicated website with a simple search. Whether it be a profession, an academic subject, or just a hobby, someone or some group of people have probably compiled everything they know about the subject into one collective gathering of data to be easily digested by any web user.

That being so, it can be difficult for readers to ensure they’re getting the very best and applicable information on the web today. SkinnyYoked, a natural body-building site, is taking the first steps towards reaching a community that is constantly being informed and improved upon by every one of its users. User-generated content is nothing new, but SkinnyYoked sets a list of criteria and recommendations before approving any post for publishing. They already cover a wide swath of topics within the range of bodybuilding, but after implementing their contributor-based section, they hope to cover even more.

Almost every bodybuilding or health-centered site hosts a forum or message board where users can share personal stories, tips, or reviews of their favorite supplements and methods. SkinnyYoked intends to take the very best of user-shared knowledge, make suggestions and slight improvements, and then share them for their entire reader base to enjoy and learn from. Their vetting process ensures that all reviews are unbiased, training methods are legitimate, and that no ‘get big quick schemes’ make it to their site.

SkinnyYoked is passionately focused on the pursuit of healthy and natural gains, the exploration of new bodybuilding techniques, and placing equal emphasis on the continued development of body and mind. A cornerstone of their professional ethos is respect and a sense of community amongst every one of their passionate and focused lifters.

“The thirst for knowledge and passion for sharing ideas is the engine behind SkinnyYoked,” explained Erik Bowitz, the editor and driving force behind the site. “Here, I would like to foster a community of positive interactions amongst people with similar goals and visions.”

So far, SkinnyYoked has fostered a community of hardworking, critical-thinking individuals who are interested in using and learning about new methods to make hard-earned progress. Many readers have come to appreciate the honest reviews, tips and tricks, and the wide variety of advice that SkinnyYoked and its community has to offer. As the contributed article section continues to expand, SkinnyYoked’s library of information and tips is sure to grow as well.

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