PV Reporter Empowering MPN Patients With Exclusive Custom MPN Search Engine

PVReporter.com has come up with a one-of-a-kind custom MPN search engine which helps MPN patients to easily access pertinent, expert data on the disease from the leading sources.

Charlotte, NC, December 29, 2016: MPN patients struggling for proper information on the treatment and care for this rare blood cancer ailment have a Lifesaver now. PVReporter.com is helping the MPN cancer patients with its unique custom MPN search engine that only brings back the most pertinent data for them, cutting through all the unwanted clutter of a google search. The website aims to empower patients with an easily accessible, comprehensive resource hub, encompassing everything on MPNs so they can develop the best understanding and make informed decisions regarding the most suitable treatment options.

MPNs (myeloproliferative neoplasm) include Polycythemia Vera, Essential Thrombocythemia and Myelofibrosis.  These disorders are a closely related group of rare blood cancers where the bone marrow cells that produce the body’s blood cells develop and function abnormally.

The first of its kind, PV Reporter aims to help the MPN patient community with a patient-focused, user-friendly and comprehensive web resource platform on Myeloproliferative Neoplasms. The website gathers information from “trusted sources” such as highly regarded sites like Blood Journal, MPN Research Foundation, MPNforum, Mayo Clinic, etc. Patients will find the latest research reports, articles, news feeds, videos, patient stories, links to support groups and a wealth of resources to enhance their knowledge on the disease.

PV Reporter is a unique endeavor by David Wallace who is a Polycythemia Vera patient and cancer survivor. Mr. Wallace is also the CEO of a successful non-profit, MPN Cancer Connection. When he was diagnosed with the traumatic illness in 2009, there was no organized resource that could help him with reliable data on the disease and its proper treatment. The worst part was he found that many doctors didn’t have any standard protocol for treating the disease. Never giving up, the persistent Wallace embarked on an extensive research hunt on his own. After 4 long years of tireless work, he decided to help other patients suffering from MPNs and thus PV Reporter was born.

“After being diagnosed with PV, I connected via social media with informed patients and developed a solid understanding on the emerging MPN treatment options.  I was aware of the lack of efficient and organized data on MPN treatment and thus I decided to come up with an exclusive custom search engine especially for MPN data. While there are existing MPN websites that contain excellent content, they either lack the external search capability or are internally focused. But PV Reporter solves all the usual issues with your MPN search with its custom search engine that will retrieve only the most relevant information you have been looking for”, noted Wallace.

Wallace also stressed it’s really important for MPN patients to become educated about their disease so they can work confidently with their physician to insure proper treatment that meets their specific needs.

Mr. Wallace’s accomplishments include the 2016 MPN Heroes Award which recognizes his dedication and commitment to the MPN community.  His “Mast Cell Mania” article was published in the Fall 2016 MD Anderson newsletter.  He was invited to the first International conference for Organizations representing patients with MPN, MPN Horizons in Belgrade, Serbia.  He also appeared on “The Doctors TV Show” to help raise MPN awareness.

In 2017, he seeks to continue helping patients, raising MPN awareness while continuing to expand the resource rich PVReporter.com website.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/O0-YAeCRipQ

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