A Complete Program is Provided by Creative Biogene for Adeno-associated Virus (AAV) Research

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is very familiar to us. We almost heard about it even without using. AAV, which can infect a variety of cells, is a member of the parvovirus family. Because of its good safety, wide range of host cells (divided and non-divided cells), non-integration into the host cell genome, AAV has become a powerful tool in gene therapy.

It seems to be a long process from the construction of recombinant vector to the preparation of virus particles. Some researchers are reluctant to start, because the process is too complicated. In fact, this is already a very mature technology, and there are products on the market. Creative Biogene provides a complete AAV services for the study of adeno-associated viruses.

Construction of recombinant vector

Creative Biogene was able to prepare high titer AAV particles without the use of helper viruses.

Easy AAV particle collection

Separation of AAV particles from cells producing recombinant virions usually involves freezing thawing or ultrasound. However, these methods are time-consuming or require special equipment. Creative Biogene provides a simple and efficient method. You only need to add this reagent to the virus producing cells, and then recover virus particles through centrifugal method. The extracted AAV particle solution contains only a small amount of host protein and nucleic acid which are suitable for cell transfection or further purification. Compared with freeze-thaw method, the yield of virus particles increases by 3 times at least.

Preparation of high purity AAV particles

Of course, for cell transfection, rough virus particles may be enough, but if AAV is used for animals, it is necessary to have high purity virus particles. For the purification of virus particles, we usually use CSCL density gradient centrifugation. However, that is a troublesome approach, and requires some skills to obtain high yields.

For newcomers, Creative Biogene may be a better choice. It can quickly and easily purify AAV2 virus particles from cells producing virus.

Rapid determination of AAV titer

It is also necessary to measure viral titer before transduction. Virus titer is usually measured by dot blot and ELISA.

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