Airwheel Marsrover Will Showcase In 2017 CES with Its Fabulous scooters

The annual and long-anticipated CES exhibition is drawing closely. The editor singles out development trends on intelligent electric equipment to keep an eye on at the upcoming CES 2017 show, which opens in Las Vegas on January 5 and ends on January 8. Luckily your old friend, Airwheel, will also be in the list of attendees.

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The recent trend of CES as a major showcase of intelligent electric equipment will continue with an emphasis on self-balancing technology and electric assisted riding. Top news for electric scooters and electric bikes lovers outlets with the involvement of Airwheel, a supplier who received plenty of praises over years. This time Airwheel will bring its advanced gadgets in Booth No. 45730, Level 2, Sands Fitness Hall with the most eye-catching way.
Airwheel CES 2017
As an old friend, Airwheel has been known for its portable and comfortable intelligent e scooters and e bikes. In last year’s CES show, it displayed S8 double wheels electric scooter with the sitting and standing riding postures, Z5 standing up electric scooter with the anterior standing posture and C5 smart bike helmets with multiple functions. Of course, many users have tested and proofed they are very helpful in daily transport life, especially in current society filled with traffic woes and road rages. Guys who have little known these gadgets have the chance again to take a ride in CES 2017 and then you will not be out of fashion in means of transport.
Airwheel CES 2017
Sure, Airwheel will be generous to all the visitors for showing up its new arrivals – E series smart e bike and R series citizen e-bike. These are all electric bicycles released in the second half of this year and featured by unique figures and outstanding performance. Visitors will quickly recognize E6 folding e bike and E3 electric backpack bike firstly since they are distinguished by their shapes: E6’s main frame shows like an “X” while E3’s main frame seems to be a double “O”.

Airwheel CES 2017

Both of them can be folded and taken into public transport, and even E3 electric folding bike can be packed into a specially customized backpack for lifting, shouldering or dragging. R5 electric assisted bike features the alternative ride styles: fitness, power and power-assist mode.

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Airwheel CES 2017
To conclude, it is a trend for bikes to be smarter. Time to reunite with your good fellow!

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