One HAND tying \”QuickShoeLace\” is a new fashion accessory

David Knez of Slovenia is seeking $18,000 (USD) to finance his new quick shoe lace apparel accessory by January 28. With 39 days to go in his pledge drive, Knez has collected $2,730 in pledges from 81 backers.

“While I was sketching clothes and shoes I got an idea of creating a shoelace that will be simple and functional,” Knexz stated. “At that point The QuickShoeLace was born. These two years were the hardest but also the most artistic and important in my life. In that time I finally discovered who I really am and that nothing is impossible.”

This innovative concept uses a stretchable show lace that binds footware quickly then is clipped securely on one side. The laces will be available in 11 basic colors and eight neon colors. In addition, three stud designs will be offered used to secure the lace at the top of the lacing.

“We are solving a tying problem and making it fashionable,” Knez said. “It is useful for all generations, even for those with disabilities. With creating this simple and useful product we want to make your life easier. The only thing you need is a shoe with holes. Once you lead our elastic lace trough holes and screw that metal tips on top of it, you are ready to run.”

There are nine pledge levels with rewards, valued from $15 to $105, in the Kickstarter campaign. Rewards include an assortment of the special laces. Knez stated that he wants to creat a serial production in his own country first then expand to reach the globe with his product.

“The testers see the QuickShoeLace as awesome and easy to use product, so I’ve already started to ‘build’ a serial production,” Knez said. “But until the final realization I still have a lot of work. When my goal at Kickstarter will be reached, I would need 3 weeks to finish my production and additional week to start with shipping.”

Knez has transitioned through different working roles as a  welder then a mechanical engineer to a 3D modeling as design engineer for plastic injection tools.

“All my life I have been improving my knowledge and searching for new skills,” said Knez.  “Then I got an idea of having my own line of clothes under the brand name ‘InDavidual,’ so I started sewing and designing unique clothes.”

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“I would like to say that with realization of this life project I risk everything,” Knez said. “I have no outside business partners, so the whole project is financed by myself. I have done research and tested market and got great results and feedback about QuickShoeLace.” has been an online platform since 2009 that allows people to promote and raise start-up capital for their creative idea.  

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