Faith-Based Tees – Tanks – Hoodies – Kickstarter campaign

Kerryann Ivey of Floral Springs, Florida is seeking $20,000 in pledges to launch her faith-based Peace-Love-Blessing (PLB) apparel concept by January 20. With 42 days to go in her Kickstarter campaign, four backers have pledged $109.

“PLB Fashion is a faith-based Christian online clothing store committed to uplifting minds, breaking down walls, and building bridges,” Ivey said. “My aim and desire while on this earth until the dear Lord is ready to take me home, is to spread the message of peace, love and blessings through the apparel products that I sell.”

There are eight pledge levels in the Kickstarter campaign valued from $1 to $890. Rewards at various levels include t-shirts, tank tops, PLB stickers, and PLB bracelets. Rewards will ship anywhere in the world in April 2017.

“PLB FASHION will offer consumers high quality faith-centered t-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies; backed by uniqueness, creativity, trendy, and a positive uplifting message on each design,” Ivey stated. “The powerful message of peace, love, and blessings is well needed in times as these. PLB Fashion provides exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes.”

According to Ivey, her main purpose is spreading the PLB message and “the love of Christ through unique, creative, and trendy t-shirts designs.”

“PLB Fashion is a business made up of grounded believers in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,” she said, “innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve the online shopping experience.”  

Ivey has no delusions that getting her t-shirt business idea running will require a great deal of work. She said that she will have to get licensing and permits for her t-shirt, as well as insurance. Also, she will have to find a wholesale provider. Finally, she will have to establish a good marketing campaign to get her product sold.

“I understand that some of the obstacles that I’ll deal with when getting started will be a bit overwhelming at times,” she stated. “I’ll require some inventory and the services of graphic designers. I’ll need a website, some money for marketing and advertising which is necessary if I wish to be successful. Moreover, I am fired up and focus and ready to get my business off the ground.”

Ivey describes herself as a miracle baby, having survived being hit by a truck and the subsequent brain surgery at the age of three.

“I know that God spared my life for a reason, and I believe my purpose for being in this world aligns with spreading the love of Christ,” Ivey said. “I want to be able to help as many people as possible because it breaks my heart to see people suffer; especially the children. We live in a cold and dark world with merciless people, and a lack of peace, love and blessings to bring about world peace and unity.”

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