Scott A. Schweber: Offering Experience and a Successful Track Record in Mediation and Arbitration in Atlanta

Options for a Successful Resolution Outside of the Courtroom

Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, refers to the process of settling legal disputes outside of the courtroom. Attorney Scott A. Schweber offers clients experienced services for mediation or arbitration in Atlanta as a means to settle a variety of disputes. These two processes differ significantly, making each more appropriate for some types of disputes.

Mediation in Atlanta

Mediation is a voluntary process in which both parties agree to work out the terms of their dispute either before or after filing a lawsuit. Since both parties begin in an atmosphere of agreement and cooperation, it is often successful. Sometimes, however, contracts may specifically call for disputes to be addressed through mediation before a lawsuit or claim for arbitration is filed. Many of the clients who pursue mediation in Atlanta are going through a divorce or trying to work out terms related to divorce. The mediator guides the process but does not impose any resolution on the parties. No final decision will be made without the agreement of both parties.

Arbitration in Atlanta

Businesses are more likely to pursue arbitration in Atlanta as a means of ADR for their legal issues. In the arbitration process, the third party (arbitrator) listens to each party’s points on the dispute and determines the final resolution based on the evidence and testimony presented. Many of the businesses that agree to arbitration in Atlanta do so to get a faster resolution, retain privacy, and save money over a traditional courtroom trial.

In both processes, the third party needs to be experienced in the laws of the state and in arbitration and mediation in Atlanta to make them a more effective guide. Scott A. Schweber has been providing clients in the Atlanta area with professional, effective arbitration and mediation services for more than thirty years. He has extensive education and training that have made him so successful at handling a wide range of legal disputes without the stress clients often endure through litigation. To learn more about whether arbitration or mediation is right for their case, potential clients should contact Scott A. Schweber to schedule a complimentary consultation.

About Scott A. Schweber, Attorney at Law

Scott A. Schweber ( is an attorney in Atlanta Lawyer with more than thirty years of experience. Attorney Schweber has gotten results through litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for many individuals and businesses. He has had extensive training in ADR and retains a number of professional licenses including the State Bar of Georgia, 1985, Georgia Supreme Court, and the Georgia Court of Appeals. Scott Schweber is well-respected as a civil litigation attorney by both is clients and peers. His areas of practice include alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration) in Atlanta, civil litigation, labor and material liens, appeals, and heirs property.

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