Five of Most Addictive and Dangerous Drugs in Oregon

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Any drug can be considered dangerous, but there are drugs that are specifically deadly with respect to the user. Consider the following list of the most addictive and dangerous drugs in Oregon.

1. Ketamine. Those who work with horses are familiar with the name. Originally known as a horse tranquilizer, it was developed for human consumption. It is dangerous and deadly. Users may hallucinate for several hours after taking the drug.

2. Speed may have legitimate medical uses such as a stimulant for conditions like ADHD. However, most people take speed to increase feelings of confidence and to boost energy. With heavy use, there can be a heightened risk of addiction, and a person can quickly build up tolerance with increased use. Thus, it is easy for the addict to overdose, have a stroke, or have a fatal heart attack.

3. Alcohol is legal, and can be the deadliest because it is accessible all over the world. Alcoholics can become expert at hiding their drinking problems from others. However, once their drinking spirals out of control, everyone involved is affected.

4. Methamphetamines, crystal meth, have been around for about 125 years. It was popular among German troops during WWII whereby tank commanders and fighter pilots used the drug. It appeared in the US as a drug used to fight obesity. Meth can rot the teeth, and addicts will experience itching all over their body. Addicts may end up looking like zombies within a matter of only have used for weeks. It happens to be one the most devastating drugs on the market.

5. Heroin was once used as a painkiller. In 1971 it became illegal. Today, it is one of the most destructive substances known to man. Addicts quickly go downhill both mentally and physically. Lives are destroyed, careers are forsaken, and relationships are often damaged beyond repair over its abuse.

The best thing that an addict can do is to seek immediate help to fight their addiction. It takes courage, no doubt, but it is an act that may save their life. It is most difficult for most to simply quit drugs cold turkey. Some people continue using because they fear the harsh realities of withdrawal. Withdrawal can certainly be uncomfortable, even deadly in some instances. This is why it never recommended to detox alone. It should always be attempted and accomplished in a controlled, medical environment.

Drug use is out of control for both adults and teens in the US. The unfortunate reality is that not everyone finds their way to rehab. For those that do, help is on the way. Rehab is an effective process for helping addicts to heal and get well. Through medication and therapy, patients are able to return to a life of normalcy. Sobriety may be a lifetime pursuit, but it is well worth the continued struggle. Groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA), are instrumental in providing support and encouragement for those looking to remain sober. If you or a loved one is afflicted with a drug addiction, seek immediate medical help.

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