Alabama Group Therapy and Its Benefits

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Substance abuse is often the result of psychological disorders or the wrong type of thinking

Psychological disorders include, but are not limited to stress, anxiety, and depression. Group therapy typically involves a group session where patients work with specialists in the presence of one or more individuals being treated for the same addiction.

After a patient is admitted to rehab, and detox has successfully been completed, he or she is ready for therapy and counseling. Therapies can also include cognitive modalities that help patients to make the connection between their thoughts and actions. Clients learn to take responsibility for their thinking and actions. Counseling can take the form of individual, group, or family sessions.

Group therapy overview consists of the following.

1. People can share personal experiences with others who are hoping to overcome the same addictions and issues in life.

2. One, several members, or up to 12 participants comprise a group session.

3. Sessions are typically held once or twice a week from one to two hours.

4. Group therapy is typically more effective in an inpatient setting.

5. Therapists usually determine the type of groups, the interaction, and goals of the group.

How Groups Sessions Are Set Up

Group sessions can be held in a meeting room with chairs arranged in a circle. The setup does not have to be elaborate. The chairs may also be set up in rolls facing the front of the room or larger groups. An introduction is given, and group members begin to introduce themselves and state why they are attending group therapy. Obviously, everyone attending has a unique story to share.

During each meeting, members are encouraged to share their progress and what they have experienced since their last session. Some members do well; others may have struggled. The one thing that all members can count on is that no one is there to judge anyone. The group therapist sets the tone for how the discussions will proceed. The sessions can consist of dialogue, education, or both. Learning aids are also provided. Patients learn memory techniques, engage in role playing, listen to audiotape, complete homework assignments, and review class sessions.

As one can imagine, group therapy provides an essential benefit for anyone involved. People learn and share with others who understand their addiction, and who are experiencing the same thing. This is certainly a more productive environment than trying to go it alone with no one to share an experience with. Group therapy can also help establish bonds and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Patients, after leaving rehab, are encouraged to take part in groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Membership is free. These groups are tremendously supportive and can be most helpful when members attend sessions and participate.

First, find the help and support that you or a loved one needs to address an addiction. Work through detox and rehab. Get involved in aftercare and follow-up. Participate in group sessions that offer support and help. Take back a life that has been stolen by an addiction.

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