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Portland, OR—Alkaline Water Filter Experts, available at, provide reviews and benefits on the best products of alkaline water machines on the market. Their team of professionals tested out all the machines themselves and figured out how they work most effectively to give their clients the best of the best products.

Alkaline Water Filter Experts understand buying a machine can seem like an overwhelming task. With money being an issue, alkaline drinkers turn away from investing in their own machine due to the slightly large investment. Consumers aren’t aware of the cheaper expenses with some of their alkaline products, and the benefits that can come with purchasing one. It is hard for consumers to know the benefits without the proper research and reviews that are provided by this team of professionals.

Due to some of the costs and hassles of alkaline water machines they aren’t getting the attention they should. At, they provide you with the top of the line machines and ionizers with leading reviews and benefit descriptions to fulfill every client’s needs.

“In the long run, they are a much better option because you won’t have to buy bottled water anymore,” says a company spokesperson. “We did our best to review cheap, as well as more expensive options, to give you a full picture of the available products on the market.”

Alkaline Water Filter Experts explains the benefits of why investing in an alkaline water machine is worth it. Not only does it increase your health and help one become more immune to diseases, but there are studies that show how it affects the body in ten positive ways: alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant, optimizes pH levels in the body, increases hydration, boosts the immune system, fights cancer, detoxes the body, aids in weight loss, contributes to the cure of psoriasis, prevents diabetes from developing, and last of all, saves money. That’s right- it saves money. People only need to buy it once rather than buying bottles every single day.

Aside from the inordinate benefits from alkaline water and alkaline water machines, here are some of the best of the best ionizers. The Bawell Premier Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine has a PH Range of 3.2 to 10.0, the Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine with a PH range of 2.0 to 12.0, and the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 with a PH Range of 4.5 to 11. Alkaline Water Filter Experts provides their clients with the top of the line reviews and alkaline water machines to give them results that are worth the investment.

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