Lightweight Airwheel C5 Smart Sport Helmet with Diverse Functions

Everybody knows that helmet is for head safety purpose, but not everyone knows that helmet can be more than just a safeguard for protecting head from impact. Similarly, the development of phone, which is for calling purpose only at the beginning, has developed into multifunction and intelligence. Helmet, just for safety, cannot meet users’ demands. Airwheel has launched a modern C5 intelligent, light weight and with diverse functions.

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Currently, helmet, just as a tool for head safety, cannot appeal to the customers. To meet the market demand, Airwheel has unveiled C5 lightweight helmet with multiple functions. Safety is the basic and essential purpose for a helmet. The same is true of Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet for head safety. Polycarbonate material for its shell and EPS for its lining, Airwheel C5 is a safe equipment in golden ratio.

Airwheel C5 smart helmet

Adopting unibody technology, Airwheel C5 performs an excellent toughness and impact-resistance properties. The integrated shell stays more solid when in an emergence. Traditional full-face helmet is always stuffy and heavy, which cause a burden to the breath and head. But Airwheel C5 weighs only 425g. Wearing C5, the head is in good ventilating condition, with the front air intake design and deep ventilation slots.   

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With diverse functions, Airwheel C5 is designed to meet customers’ intelligent requirements. High resolution lens make Airwheel C5 helmet heads display different from the traditional helmet. Users can attain high-contrast and high definition pictures by wearing C5 during any activities. The wonderful moments can be recorded by the large internal storage. High quality performance makes C5 available to work under harsh environment.

What’s more, Airwheel C5 also adopts Bluetooth and WIFI transmission technology. Users can enjoy the music by connecting to the phone and retrospect the pictures by WIFI connection. Phone call can be answered anywhere and anytime by just one click. Safety environment is also guaranteed by the windbreak and denoiser microphone. It also have the special function of monitoring for those who want to monitor their pets or the home security. Airwheel C5 smart helmet is more than a helmet for commuter. The adventurer can also rely on it for recording every exciting moment. In conclusion, every user will find a right usage when travelling with Airwheel C5.

CES held in Las Vegas, USA from Jan 5th to Jan 8th in 2017.

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