Walking towards Health, Peace and De-Addiction with Ibogaine

Malaga, SPAIN – A drug-free, happy and joyful 2017 is now within reach for everyone who has tried and given up on their de-addition efforts. The Iboga Tree Healing Centre is offering affordable and completely managed de-addiction programs that utilized the wonder medicine, Ibogaine. Ibogaine has been found to treat severe drug addiction without any withdrawal symptoms.

Ibogaine is to the brain what an anti-virus is to computers. It cuts off dependency and cleans past life traumas and learned behavior to heal the emotional basis of addiction as well as treat emotional disorders. The medicine is known to be effective on a wide range of drugs such as opiates, alcohol, marijuana and nicotine. It also acts as an anti-depressant and a body de-toxifier, with anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties.

So, what is Ibogaine? It is the active ingredient extracted from the Iboga tree root bark. The power of Ibogaine or Iboga allows heroin and cocaine addicts to kick off the habit inside 24 hours without facing withdrawal symptoms or cravings. A single administration of Ibogaine effectively kills cravings or relapse of the habit for weeks and months. The medicine works by healing emotional traumas and inducing therapeutic shamanic visions that help conquer fear and negative emotions.

Several clients turn to Ibogaine for depression. But in order to be effective, a well planned and managed Ibogaine treatment is a must. At its Iboga retreat, The Iboga Tree Healing Centre offers selected therapies with Iboga treatment for best results at the body, mind and spirit level. The treatment is 100% safe when administered by experienced and responsible providers with pre- and post-care support, along with day and night care, guidance and monitoring.

“We have a compassion and understanding for even most difficult and complicated life cases. A combination of Iboga treatment with professional pre-care and after-care program gives long lasting, therapeutic results. We offer a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for successful recovery from alcohol/drug addiction, mental disorder healing or for personal growth through psycho-spiritual programs,” said Adam Rajba, Ibogaine Treatment Provider.

“Their Psycho Spiritual program is really spiritual. I feel reconnected to my soul and free from fear that I wasn’t even aware of. Life is so different & more joyful after Iboga,” said a client.

Added by another client, he said, “I am 34 and for last 15 years I’ve been taking drugs. I’ve been trying to stop with use of different methods but nothing really worked. Friend of mine recommended to me iboga treatment, so I’ve decided to give it a go and try it. I met Adam & Edyta, both of them are highly professional, very nice and friendly people. Today, 3 months passed since the treatment. I feel really good. I don’t have any fear or stress and feel stable so I’d like to highly recommend Edyta and Adam iboga treatment as a great method to give you guys the chance to change your life’s.”

For more Information, please visit: http://ibogainetreatment.eu/ibogaine-treatment-europe/

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