PROPELLANT 49 pellet Provides A Better Solution Than Salt

More consumers are turning to PROPELLANT 49 pellet for a more cost effective and powerful solution in dealing with the cold weather.

With the winter months providing problems such as snow on the driveway and ice on car windscreens, people are looking for a real alternative to Salt that is not only expensive to use but does not offer a powerful de-icing solution. One product that has caught people’s attention is PROPELLANT 49 pellet.

PROPELLANT 49 pellet has been credited as the most powerful snow and ice melter on the market. As well as being a more cost effective solution than other ice melter products, PROPELLANT 49 pellet is harmless to pets, vegetations, and children.

The popular ice melter works through heat energy. Each pellet contains heat energy, and when it is spread over an area that is filled with ice or snow, that heat enables the pellets to easily clear away the ice or snow. As well as working straight away, the powerful product has a lifetime of 36 hours, helping to keep away the ice and snow.

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