Heroin Use Surges in Rhode Island

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Heroin use surges in Rhode Island and has reached an all-time high. Many heroin addicts started their journey by taking painkiller medications prescribed by doctors. So many painkillers have been prescribed, states have enacted laws limiting the amount of prescriptions that can be written or administered through pharmacies. As a result, painkillers have become more difficult to divert, alter, and obtain. People are turning to heroin for answers.

Heroin is deadly, but it is cheaper to buy and obtain. It is one of the most powerful, and addictive, illegal drugs on the market. It is an alternative replacement for powerful drugs like OcyContin and Vicodin. As many as half of all heroin addicts are believed to have started their journey to addiction by takin opioid addiction drugs first.

There is a reason that Rhode Island has become a major hub for heroin abuse. Over a decade ago, painkillers like OxyContin were being prescribed at extremely high rates. People began abusing the drugs, which came to the attention of legal authorities. They were made difficult to acquire. As stated, these people simply found ways to buy or obtain their painkillers from another source. Or, they turned to heroin.

Much of the heroin that arrives in the US is from Colombia or Mexico. Opium, that which heroin is made from, is quite abundant in these countries. The drug trafficking is controlled by powerful cartels. A great deal of heroin is supplied direly to New York, which then distributes to other locations around the US. Today, dealers can get as much as three times the dollar amount of what they would have gotten if sold in New York. So, there is an incentive to sell in Rhode Island. Supply and demand is what drives the drug trade.

Solutions for Heroin Addiction

The only real, medical, medical solution for heroin addiction is to seek clinical rehab help. Rehab facilities are staffed with clinicians who have worked with thousands, even millions, of addicts addicted to painkillers and heroin. They know what it takes to navigate detox and enter a successful rehab.


Detox is the first step to rid the body of harmful drug toxins. For heroin, it takes about a week for the body to return to normal. Of course it also depends on how long the user has been addicted, and their severity of addiction. A person’s mind will likely have been altered by the drug, and their body wasted as a result of long-term use. Nutrition is the key to getting nutrients back in the body. Inpatient programs are best for patients at the detox stage. Patients can be monitored and administered medications around the clock. Generally, the longer someone remains in rehab the better their chances of returning to a life of sobriety. During rehab, patients receive counseling to work through the challenges and problems that may have driven them to drugs in the first place. Patients may enter into individual, family, and group counseling. Patients are also privy to the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy, which teaches them to make the connection between their thoughts and behavior.

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