Airwheel E3 Smart Electric Folding Bike Gives People Safe and Stable Travel on Snowy Roads

Among Airwheel ideawheels, E3 backpack electric bike is a highlight, for it has two rings. They offer good sense of beauty as well as strong load capacity. The equipped two 8-inch customized tires enjoy excellent grip effect and high wear resistance. Even on slippery roads, E3 gives people safe and stable riding.

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On snowy days, it is quite difficult for people to go out. Even if they drive car, it is quite slippery and dangerous. Here is a safe and stable traveling on snowy roads, which is riding Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike. Compared with other Airwheel ideawheels, E3 is easy to be found out, for it has two rings, which offer good sense of beauty as well as strong load capacity. Why it is suitable for slippery road condition on snowy days? There are several reasons.

Airwheel E3 foldable e bike

First and foremost, Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike adopts two 8-inch customized tires. These tires are made from high-end rubber and their surface is made into unique tread pattern. The high-quality rubber is good for increasing speed and range, while specially designed tread pattern paves the way for high grip effect and strong skid resistance.

In the meantime, the equipped 300W high-performance wheel motor fully integrates electric power device, transmission device and electric brake device into the wheels, which ensures strong and stable driving force. Besides, the vector controller guarantees better controllability and stability. The intelligent EBS brake system always calculates the best brake scheme. All in all, even on slippery roads, E3 still can run stably and safely.

When it comes to application of Airwheel E3 foldable e bike, it is widely applied for people from different ages, heights and careers. That is to say, it almost can cover all of travels in people’s life. Even though people ask for long range, E3 can help them, too, because its lithium-ion battery is replaceable. As long as they take enough spare batteries, the range becomes unlimited. Based on powerful multiple folding system, E3 can be folded into very small figure, which is convenient to carry and park. On snowy days, E3 has become the best travel transport. Of course, a piece of raincoat is also needed.

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