Airwheel Smart Electric Bike is a Secret to No-Sweat Commuter Style

Fold up your list of complaints about daily urban commuting in you gas-guzzling automobile or the unreliable urban public transportation. You can throw that list away. Instead, you can switch to the Airwheel intelligent folding electric bikes.

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Everyone desires a more private commute every morning to avoid the traffic and the rush hour. Airwheel 2-wheel electric scooter can help you to achieve this goal. Airwheel offers a wide selection of portable electric bikes, like E3, E6, R5 and S8 and so on. Aimed to add more pleasure to the riding, Airwheel provides you a smooth, swift and safe riding experience.

Airwheel 2-wheel electric scooter

If it is the first time for you to try, you may notice that there are different from a regular bike. For Airwheel E3 and E6 folding electric bike, the most striking difference is that there are no chains of the frame. All the movement will depend on the powerful motor. The high performance Li-ion battery will provide sufficient power in your every commute. Beyond providing electricity to assist you in riding, E3 and E6 tend to be different from the conventional bike in the frame design. Adopting modern technology, E3 is on two circles, while E6 is X-shaped. The unique design makes it foldable easily.

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With the small wheels, the turning will be a little more responsive. It also makes it easier to turn quickly if needed. With the added convenience of folding function, you will find yourself riding more often and spending no more time locking you bike up outside. Small wheels don’t make you any slower on the road. It will drive you as fast and good as a regular bicycle, effortless and comfortable. You won’t get sweat when arriving at the office.

Dissimilar to E3 and E6 electric assist bikes, Airwheel R5 electric moped bike is also equipped with the pedal-activated system. Pedaling electric bike is a more pleasant and convenient option. Of course, this idea will extend the battery life. Kept the commuter in mind and built to be comfortable, Airwheel R5 features an adjustable seat, which can reduce the fatigue during long time riding. Headlight design saves the night travel problems when you work overtime. Airwheel mini electric bikes are not just about practicality, they are also easy bikes.

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