What to Expect for Airwheel folding electric bike in 2017 CES, USA

The annual festival for electronic products producers fall in the coming January 2017. Airwheel, as an established company in intelligent commuting vehicle industry is about to bring its latest products to the show. 2017 CES will last on 5 Jan. through 8 Jan. In Sands Fitness Hall, Level 2, Booth NO. 45730, Airwheel and its latest products C6 motorcycle helmet, C8 racing helmet, F3 Drone with Camera waits you.

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The annual festival for electronic products, CES, will fall recently. Whether giant enterprise or newly-founded companies will show off its latest achievements to the whole world. This year marks Airwheel’s second year in CES. Airwheel has rolled out a series of new products and they will be exhibited in the show.
Airwheel CES 2017
The hottest products Airwheel has released this year are the electric folding bikes, including the E-series and R-series. Airwheel E-series folding electric bike includes two intelligent e bike E3 and E6. They feature mini size and superior folding ability. These are realized by unique structure design and high performance materials chosen. Both E3 and E6 have a light weight, around 10kg. They are easy to lift and carry around for females and children. The smart e bikes have ditched the chain system and further enhance their folding ability. Taking Airwheel E6 for example, it has adopted a patented body design in an X shape. It is stable to bear 100kg load. The two types of vehicles can be connected to public transportation since riders can carry them onto the metros and buses easily.
Airwheel CES 2017
Airwheel electric moped bike R5 is also a foldable vehicle. But it has integrated both fitness and commuting functions. There are in total three operating modes for option. In the body-building mode, the vehicle serves as a pure bike. Riders pedal to drive the vehicle ahead. It is fit for white collars who lack proper time to work out. In the power-assisted mode, the vehicle can be driven by  electricity and human labor. The output energy assist riders to pedal. In the electricity-assisted mode, the vehicle will be fully driven by the Li-ion battery. Airwheel R5 can be also folded and easily stored.

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Airwheel CES 2017
By inventing these electric assist bike, Airwheel wish to bring about a greener and healthier commuting style. The folding ability the three vehicles demonstrated, will save people trouble of finding parking space. Some creative detail design like swappable battery with USB port, will come in handy in case of emergency. Electronic fans can expect these products in the coming show.
Airwheel CES 2017
In Sands Fitness Hall, Level 2, Booth NO. 45730, Airwheel waits you.

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